Jose Henrique Borghi’s Indispensable Role in Mullen Lowe, Brasil

It is of utmost importance to acknowledge that the Brazilian Advertising Market is filled with some of the most remarkable advertising agencies in the world. A typical example of the phenomenal advertising agencies in Brazil is Mullen Lowe Brasil. It stands out for being sufficiently endowed with exceptional creativity and finesse that enables them to produce ad campaigns that are supported and embraced globally.

This Ad Agency came into existence as a result of the amalgamation between two major advertising agencies in 2012. These were the National Borghierh Creative Intelligence and the Lowe Multinational. This merger prompted the agency to be named Borghi Lowe. The company further underwent transitional adjustments in 2015 when it merged with USA’s Mullen Advertising Agency thus adopting the name the Mullen Lowe Brasil.

In respect of the impeccable status that the agency had acquired, it is noteworthy that its leadership had to be extremely on point. The agency needed a shrewd, competent and diligent leadership and they found it prudence to appoint Jose Henrique Borghi as the Chief Executive Officer.

Jose Henrique Borghi is a man of tremendous experience as he has served in top positions of various agencies. He is a man whose great reputation proceeds and talent has made him play an indispensable role in every agency in which he serves. He served as the president of Leo Burnett Agency in 2002 before he formed the Creative Intelligence Agency which he later merged with Erh Ray. At Mullen Lowe Brasil, Jose Henrique Borghi is tasked with a series of functions, including facilitating public relations, mobile and digital marketing, social media oversight and design planning.

Essentially, the crux of the Mullen Lowe Brazil’s services revolves around Jose Henrique Borghi. His multi-talented nature enables him to use the requisite elements of advertising in order to create magnificent advertising campaigns.

Respecting Jose Henrique Borghi:

Jay Z and Desiree Perez Sit Down with UMG to Discuss Future

Is there a bigger name in the hip hop community than Jay Z? Jay Z has been one of the most iconic and best selling rap artists in the past several decades and now it looks like his career is about to hit a new high with a major payday. Ten years ago Jay Z signed a huge deal with Live Nation: a 10 year, $150 million contract that embraced all of Jay Z’s live shows, touring profits, and recorded music. That deal is coming to an end and now Jay Z gets the opportunity to pick his next destination. Will this hip hop mogul take another huge step?  Hit on for related article.

Jay Z and his business partner and long time friend, Desiree Perez, were seen in Santa Monica, CA having a sit down dinner with Sir Lucian Grainge. If the name isn’t familiar to you, Sir Lucian Graine is the CEO at Universal Music Group. The sit down meeting was supposedly purely casual but it really is hard to buy into that PR spin, at least in the wake of Jay Z’s contract coming to an end and the obvious fact that he will be shopping for a new deal.  More to read on

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If Desiree Perez and Jay Z guide their work with Roc Nation toward Universal Music Group then Jay Z could be in for a huge payday. The team of artists at Roc Nation is huge already and the added push of UMG could end up being a game changer in the music market.  Click on to read more about Dez.  Still, there are no sure things and Jay Z might not even be leaving his contract with Live Nation. Live Nation has, so far, gone on record as saying they aren’t interested in representing Jay Z’s recorded music but they would still be interested in making a deal for his touring rights.  Head over to for additional article to read.

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Securus Technologies – Company information and basic services

Founded in 1986, Dallas based non-profit company Securus Technologies company employs over 1,000 employees. With offices in Dallas, Allen, and Carrollton Texas as well as Atlanta Georgia Securus Technologies has over 2600 contracts with correctional facilities in the USA. Securus Technologies also services over 2200 correctional facilities in Canada and the United States.


Securus Technologies invested more then six million dollars in patents, acquisitions and technologies since 2013. One major acquisition of Securus Technologies was the acquisition of Syscon Justice Systems in June of 2007. Syscon Justice Systems was an international leader in offender management.


Securus Technologies is known for many advanced communications services to inmates, particularly contraband cell phone control. In July of 2016 Securus formed a partnership with Harris Corporation to create cell phone defender technology. Together they developed a wireless containment solution to prevent contraband cell phone usage.


Securus Technologies provides communication services for inmates to connect with their loved ones. Loved once can open a prepaid account which will allow their incarcerated family or friends to call them. FCC state to state calling is about $.25 a minute. Video chat, voice mail and email are also communication feature provided by Securus. Securus also provides GPS monitoring and court reporting program solutions.


The contribution of Aloha Constructions to the quality of Housing

From this article, Aloha Construction had been focusing on providing quality construction services around the areas of Illinois. Currently, the company also offers siding and roofing activities which are set to boost their growth. In 2013, the company had made a mark of completing up to 7000 orders. From the last year, the company has been increasing in operation, and more orders are coming their way hence increasing their growth. In 2017, the company is embarking on making life more interesting for people around the Midwest section of Illinois. Their influence has constantly been bringing different changes in the quality of their services. Since 2008, the company has been remodeling. Currently, with their years of experience, there are several projects that they have in line to accomplish. Their services are not only based on a single line, but they are also focusing on expansion and trying new fields.
The services offered by Aloha Construction
As a company, the services are spread in different areas. Some of these services include bathtub installation, bedroom, basement and bathroom remodeling, countertop installation, repair and refinishing, unfinished space conversion, accessibility construction and design among other operations. There is a team of properly trained and experienced professionals which provide their solutions to the problems presented by the customers.
The areas served
The services offered by Aloha COnstruction have spread over the past years. The company has serviced in areas like Barrington, Port Barrington, North Barrington, Lake Zurich, Lincolnshire, Palatine, and Grayslake among other areas. The quality of their services has been their major marketing factor over the past years.
Projects accomplished
During the years of operation, Aloha has completed a lot of projects. Some of the projects that the company has completed include the renovation of houses in San Jose that cost $89 thousand, Fence repair in Oakland, house renovation in Hayward among other several projects.

Anthony Petrello: A Man with a Mission

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Neighbors Industries. Anthony Petrello is an ambitious businessman who has held the position as Ceo with Neighbors since 2011. Neighbors is a holding company which is based out of Canada.

Prior to his CEO position at Neighbors Industries, Anthony Petrello worked for the law firm Baker & McKenzie. Mr. Petrello served as Managing Partner at Baker McKenzie for a period of five years.

Anthony Petrello has been the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC since early 2011. In addition, Petrello currently serves as Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. He also held position as Director of Media On

Mr. Petrello also offers Strategic Planning services which can help an organization adapt as well as prosper in a highly competitive business market. Also, these services have helped numerous companies adapt in a changing and dynamic business environment.

It is quite evident that Anthony Petrello has had a successful business career. Mr. Petrello attributes his success to hard work and following a stable career path. You can achieve whatever you set out to achieve as long as you are consistent.

Anthony Petrello has some impressive education credentials. Petrello earned a JD Degree from Harvard Law School. In addition, Petrello holds both a BS as well as an MS Degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Yale University.

Anthony Petrello has been featured in various business journals and magazines. Petrello has been a frequent topic of discussion on Bloomberg Television as well as MSNBC. Also, Petrello does do public speaking engagements and travels to various campuses within the United States.

On a more personal note, Anthony Petrello is devoted to helping children with neurological disorders. Helping children with neurological disorders is something that is close to Petrello’s heart. This eventually led to Mr. Petrello’s involvement with Texas Children’s Hospital. He donates large sums of money to further his cause with helping these children live better and more productive lives.

Paul Mampilly: How To Become Your Own Investment Manager

Paul Mampilly has seen how Wall Street works for many years and understands that most of the advice people get from brokers and big banks is mostly concerned about the wealthy and not the middle class. But that’s why he’s giving people a way to go around these managers and brokers by starting their own investments, and he explains it in “Profits Unlimited.”

Mampilly was also interviewed by Ideamensch to find out what he believes are important keys to investing and there were a couple things he mentioned. First, he says sometimes he needs to find out what he could be wrong about in order to change his thinking to be right. And second he says you have to pay attention to technology trends, specifically areas that are part of internet interconnectivity.

Paul Mampilly has done many things both as a public and private investor. He started in banking and accounting back in the 1990s after completing his bachelor’s degree at Fordham University. The banks he managed client assets at were ING, Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust, Sears and a private Swiss bank. He won many recognitions during this time that he was hired by Kinetics International Fund to join their team. He became one of the top strategists at this hedge fund that soon the assets under management there grew from $6 billion to $25 billion.

Paul Mampilly is also credited with taking $50 million in funds and growing it into $88 million as part of an investment competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation in 2008. Mampilly’s personal investments have been placed in young companies, some of which were nothing more than concept when he first invested in them. These companies include Netflix, CEMEX, Sarepta Therapeutics and even Facebook. Mampilly was only 42 when he retired from professional investing, but he decided to focus his time on family and writing advice for new investors. So in 2016 he started writing at Banyan Hill Publishers and showed the tips and tricks to investing at “Profits Unlimited.” Today he has over 60,000 subscribers and growing for his newsletters, the latest of which is titled “True Momentum.”

Clay Siegall: A Champion for Targeted Cancer Therapy

Clay Siegall is a renowned specialist and scholar in cancer research with an impressive record of success in the drive towards developing innovative and effective targeted cancer therapies. However, he is also known for his very informative blog posts. As a blogger, Clay Siegall regularly posts blogs on a wide range of topics that touch the lives of many people around the world. One such interesting and important issue is the recent revival of the reach on the use of stem cells in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Transplanting of stem cells to treat Parkinson’s disease was abandoned several years following failures of the fetal brain stem cells used. While some of the patients benefitted from the pioneering work, other suffered additional symptoms such as uncontrolled movements. The revival of the project by a group of scientists drawn mainly from Europe and the United States is informed by the technological advancements and deeper insight they now have on the procedure. After years of studying the successful cases, the scientists established that there were flaws in the use of the undifferentiated fetal brain stem cells. The cells later differentiated into other cells already in the brain after transplanting therefore leading to the side effects. However, using advanced technologies the scientists who are awaiting the FDA to approve their procedure managed to isolate mature adult stem cells and refined their production of pure lines of dopamine.

Academic and Career Background

Clay Siegall is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he studied for Bachelor of Science in Zoology. It is while at the university that he developed a strong interest in cancer research and treatment after witnessing his relative go through the painful ordeal of conventional cancer therapy. He later studied for his PhD in Genetics at the George Washington University.

After working as a research scientist for several organizations, Clay Siegall cofounded Seattle Genetics in 1998 where he currently serves as the president and chief executive officer. He has overseen significant success at the company including strategic partnerships and raising of millions of dollars in capital to support cancer research and development. His initiatives has seen the company develop an FDA-approved drug, Adcentris for targeted cancer therapy.

The New Book Release by U.S. Money Reserve

The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money is the new eBook that was recently released by the U.S. Money Reserve, which is the America’s Gold Authority.

The book is an online resource that offers all the necessary financial information to the Americans; it shows them how to buy gold as a way of escaping the dangers associated with the global economic unrest. The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money was written in response to the continuous global political and economic unrest in the world. Gold deposits are described as a safe haven by U.S. Money Reserve.

Moreover, new clients are offered a chance to purchase 1/10 oz. Gold America Eagle Coins within a limited time. These are expected to be totally sold out within a short time since they are offered by the government. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Philip Delhi, the President of the U.S. Reserve posited that gold is less volatile and more tangible, and this made the government approve it as an instrument of protecting savings from loss and other global risks.

Customers can buy from the U.S. Money Reserve with confidence, as it is ranked as the largest distributor of the government issued coins. Moreover, the U.S. Money Reserve strives to offer the customers high-level service as well as exceptional gold coins.

As a result, the customers have over the years gained confidence with the body. Many customers congratulate the body for choosing the highest quality and most appropriate precious metals. Reports indicate that the people who purchased metal coins from the company highly benefited from the wise decision.

U.S. Money Reserve employs highly professional staffs who offer competent and exceptional services. The staff mainly focuses on earning the customer’s trust before doing business with them. They also ensure that the customers whom they assist do not regret their decisions.

This interested in purchasing gold coins are asked to call 1-866-MINT-GOLD, and highly qualified account executives will attend to them. The executives will listen to the customers’ goals and objectives and then offer them the options available for their kind of aspirations.

Moreover, the account executives will assist the customers to make informed choices.

White Shark Media: The People’s Choice in Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that is becoming the forefront in online marketing solutions. Right now they are one of the fastest growing agencies in North America, that provides pinpoint marketing campaigns for their clients. Their specialty is cost effective marketing, which helps small businesses save money, while growing their business at the same time.

When it comes to choosing a company you want to work with, a company with good accreditation is key. White Shark Media is a Google Adword Premier SMB Partner. Take a look at what Google’s Head of America’s Channel Sales Partnerships, Ben Wood said about White Shark, “Our PSP partners like White Shark Media offer expertise and end to end customer service so business owners can focus on running their businesses.”

Microsoft also recognized White Shark Media for their great track record for their success with marketing campaigns for small businesses that is why they have become engaged in an alliance to become part of their selective Bing Ads Authorized re-seller program .

Being a partner that their clients can count on is one of White Shark’s main priorities. Not only do they put together tailor made campaigns, but they make sure to track results so companies can see firsthand the progress they are making with these digital campaigns. Here let’s check out some client’s testimony and Case Studies.

Let’s start with Micah Longo, CEO of Longo Law firm in Florida:

“White Shark Media was helpful in creating an online marketing plan and putting it into action. I’ve been working with them for six months and the return has been well worth the money. They have been able to align my business with my target market and that’s really valuable. In this time White Shark Media increased calls by 360%. Conversion rates increased by 93.74% and cost per acquisition decreased by 45%.

Next is Wellington Gowlart who owns Art Store Granite & Marble describes his experience with one of the reps named Yamil:

“In just a 7 month period we were able to increase our leads up to 173% per month. With the help of Yamil we have been able to reduce our cost per acquisition by more than half. We have already created our new website and would recommend White Shark Media to any business that wants to see results.

As you can see White Shark Media cares about progress and most important their clients, that is why they are: The People’s Choice in Digital Marketing.


Class Dojo Introduces Animated Video Clips for Comprehension of Mindset Development



In January 2016, Class Dojo released a series of video clips to provide understanding of mindset development to parents, teachers, and students, according to EdSurge. The first video concentrates on mindset growth with the concept that development happens overtime with motivation and encouragement. Each clip includes a discussion guide for parents to use at home, and for teachers to use in the classroom. These animated video clips are available on You Tube and Class Dojo′s website, Big Ideas. The interactive cartoonish characters are compared to Pixar′s animated characters.


Class Dojo partnered with educational researchers and the Project for Education Research That Scales, a research program that studies motivation and resilience of children. Stanford University Psychology Professor & Researcher, Carol Dweck and Class Dojo created the mindset development video clips. It’s estimated that two in three schools in the United States are using the videos and the Class Dojo App in the classrooms at public, private and chartered schools. Researchers believe the mindset development approach is effective with positive encouragement. Carol Dweck has studied growth mindset for many years and believes the videos will help parents and teachers relay the lessons to children.


Project for Education Research That Scales program offers a tool online that contains mindset growth lesson plans and exercises for teachers and parents to introduce to students. Teachers are being surveyed in U.S. schools and asked questions about the engagement of students and methods used to help students understand the lessons. The data collected from the surveys comprise of influence techniques to engage students and different teaching methods teachers use. If the research study concludes the videos are successful in the classroom, there is the possibility the videos and Class Dojo will eventually generate revenue.


Class Dojo is an online educational and communicative app with features, including a teacher, student, & parent community forum, and camera. Founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded Class Dojo, in 2011. They have raised millions of dollars in capital to launch the app and to develop a new feature for processing payments online. Parents will be able to pay for lunches, activities, supplies, and other school functions. The app is free to all U.S. teachers who work in chartered, public, and private schools.

Learn more about ClassDojo: