Desiree Perez Has Ruffled The Music Streaming Industry

Music streaming means big business today. But all are aware that Tidal was always the underdog here. But things are going to change very soon. This change will be brought about by Desiree Perez. Besides, she is going to ensure that Tidal remains around for a long time.

Tidal was founded by Jay-Z. Its membership was dwindling all along. One of the reasons was that the people at the top positions were stepping down all the time. Still, Jay-Z remained hopeful. This is why he has roped in Desiree Perez. He is elated as he knows that now Tidal will thrive and be able to reach new heights of success.

Jay-Z wants new memberships to come in along with music fans. In the same spirit, Desiree Perez would like to get in many more customers. In order to achieve this, she has to get her customers to feel interested in Tidal.  Check on for additional article.

There are many different angles being worked upon by her. As a beginning, she has managed to finalize some multi-million dollar contracts.

Jay-Z always knew that Desiree Perez is the correct person for this job. She can manage transition very well. In fact, she was the person who helped him to transition from rap to music streaming. Besides, she can make everything look so much easier than it actually is.  More of this on

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Desiree Perez owns her own business. She knows the deals which should be finalized. This is why she is looking for deals that can provide maximum profits for the artists and for the Tidal business too. Hence she has managed to get a lot of people signing up for Tidal. This way she has set the business rolling. Desiree has the right mindset as she knows what is required for growing the Tidal business and taking it to new heights of success.