Jason Hope, A Man of the Future

The Arizona-based Internet entrepreneur Jason Hope is doing very financially well. And he is generous with his wealth. In 2010, he gave $500,000 to the California-based SENS for its research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies and age-related disease treatments. The two subjects are deeply related. Medical research indicates the rejuvenation biotechnology is instrumental in fighting age-related diseases. The donation was the result of careful observation of SENS on the part of Hope.

And he still believes in its work. He believes that SENS will play a huge role in completely revolutionizing the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. He Hopes the significant financial support he has given will help spur it on to its destiny. The nonprofit SENS was first founded by current CEO, Mike Kope, in 2009. He created it to be an organization completely committed to the study and research of new field rejuvenation biotechnology. They seek to explore and explain the damage that occurs during normal metabolism and to learn to repair this damage before it results in deadly pathologies.

Hope has made a name for himself as one of the leading experts on future technology. He is an especially strong proponent of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to the ability of everyday objects to communicate with each other via an internet connection. These everyday objects are anything from appliances, cars, streetlights, and electronics. So strong is he for it that he has called it the very best of technology invented by man. Hope such that he predicts the IoT will completely revolutionize the way business run in the future. He says that right now it is a luxury for a few but that in just a handful of years it will become a necessity for all. An the possible items that can be connected will keep on growing until virtually everything in every house communicates.

To know more visit @: www.sens.org/outreach/press-releases/jason-hope-pledges-500000