Troy McQuagge Takes USHEALTH to it’s Highest Success

One Planet Awards is a well established event consisting of the process of presenting honorable people with prestigious awards such as that which was given to Troy McQuagge under the phenomenal achievement title of “Chief Executive Officer Of The Year.” Standing proudly as the Gold Winner, Troy Mcquagge is finally gaining well deserved world renown and notoriety for his outstanding ability in completely revamping the company USHEALTH Group which he stands for as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, a member of the board of directors, as well as President.

Troy McQuagge isn’t only the visionary business man in charge of turning over an entire company and bringing it out of the woods into it’s highest level of esteem ever amounted to, but he is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Advisors which he has been involved in for nearly seven years from 2010 of July all the way through to today where his responsibilities consist of creating strategies to assist in the utmost profit and growth of the company sales as well as working firsthand along side the “Under 65” area of insurance which concerns health. A true go getter, Troy Mcquagge took it upon himself to become the architect for change, creating an Agency Platform based upon the main concerns of propriety as well as the understandable and bold goal of achieving further growth for USHEALTH.

Before joining USHEALTH, Troy took his first steps away from his college years at the University of Central Florida where he worked to achieve his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies back in the year of 1982 through joining in on the team at HealthMarket where he actively participated in the President Agency Marketing Group through on from September of 1996 through till March of 2008. Spending eleven years and seven months at the President Agency Marketing Group for HealthMarket, Troy McQuagge learned from the best before taking on USHEALTH and because of him taking that excellent opportunity so seriously, he has managed to do tremendous things in his field and for clients of USHEALTH all over the world and read full article.

OSI Continues To Receives Honors For Leading Sustainability Practices

OSI Group has 60 years of experience as a leading provider of food products to retail brands. The company recently acquired European company Baho Foods by becoming a majority stakeholder in the company. The privately held Dutch company manufactures meat products and other food items in Germany and in the Netherlands.

Baho Foods even has five subsidiary companies including; Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, and Bakx Foods. All of these companies specialize in deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. OSI Group will benefit from the expansion of the brand and increased capabilities of the newly acquired company.


The company keeps a mindful eye on their sustainability impact. The CEO states that OSI uses sustainability in alignment with the values that guide business. Executives at the company focus on environmental responsibility, supply chain responsibility, and social responsibility. Regarding social responsibility, OSI participates in the Safe Cycling Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce cycling injuries, and raise awareness towards the issue of cycle safety. Even though there are cycle lanes marked all over the UK, there are still 20,000 injuries to cyclists in Great Britain each year. Information is given on cycle safety to prevent accidents, provide high visibility gear, and bike alarms.

On the economic responsibility front, OSI provides animal welfare training for chicken and pork. The training includes how to handle the animal pre-slaughter and properly stun the animal. Dr. Karen von Holleben provides the training with a key focus on the animal. Videos are presented on both acceptable and unacceptable ways of handling issues that can arise at a slaughter house. Once the details of the process are learned by suppliers in training, they are carried out the next day at the slaughterhouse. EU legislation information that affects breeding and husbandry is provided.

OSI is no stranger to winning awards for their accomplishments. The company has earned the Globe of Honour twice and the Sword of Honour for the fourth time. Since 1988, the company has done an excellent job of adhering to policies and procedures and engaging in environmental practices that enhance and maintain health. The Sword of Honour is only provided to companies that demonstrate excellence in the areas of health and safety. In 2015, OSI was one of only 61 companies to receive this prestigious award and one of seven to win both awards.

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Every year on June 5th, OSI participates in the United Nations World Environment Day. The day is celebrated through recycling efforts, tree planting, concerts, bicycle parades, street rallies, and more. The food processing company extends itself through many efforts to ensure the company is sustainable, follow healthy practices, and ensure the safety & health of employees and executives. OSI continues to produce a wide variety of meat products created for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and side dishes. The company looks forward to continuously exceeding expectations by providing quality training sessions as well as food across the UK. The organization continues to operate like an entrepreneurial one with family culture.

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