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Founded in 1986, Dallas based non-profit company Securus Technologies company employs over 1,000 employees. With offices in Dallas, Allen, and Carrollton Texas as well as Atlanta Georgia Securus Technologies has over 2600 contracts with correctional facilities in the USA. Securus Technologies also services over 2200 correctional facilities in Canada and the United States.


Securus Technologies invested more then six million dollars in patents, acquisitions and technologies since 2013. One major acquisition of Securus Technologies was the acquisition of Syscon Justice Systems in June of 2007. Syscon Justice Systems was an international leader in offender management.


Securus Technologies is known for many advanced communications services to inmates, particularly contraband cell phone control. In July of 2016 Securus formed a partnership with Harris Corporation to create cell phone defender technology. Together they developed a wireless containment solution to prevent contraband cell phone usage.


Securus Technologies provides communication services for inmates to connect with their loved ones. Loved once can open a prepaid account which will allow their incarcerated family or friends to call them. FCC state to state calling is about $.25 a minute. Video chat, voice mail and email are also communication feature provided by Securus. Securus also provides GPS monitoring and court reporting program solutions.


How We Used Securus Technologies to Help Catch a Bank Robber

Our town was under attack by a bank robber who was becoming more daring each week. This suspect was not only robbing banks in the same city each month, he began to rob the same banks. The suspect was getting away with $4,000 per robbery, but it seemed his efforts were not enough when he started to go after the vaults at the last banks he robbed.


When the suspect began going for the vaults, he became more violent, showing a weapon and using it to beat several bank employees that were not cooperating fast enough with the suspect. Me and my fellow officers were growing increasing frustrated because we knew he was going to rob a bank, we just could not be at all 500 banks at the same time. While we had an idea who our suspect was, we couldn’t get his location or get anyone to cooperate with information.


I knew some of his close associates were still in jail, so I decided to try a different approach to finding new leads. The jail recently installed a Securus Technologies phone inmate system, and I was about to see it working in real-time. I was trained on the LBS software, and it wasn’t long before the cover alert feature tipped us off to some chatter about our suspect.


What happened was one of the inmates mentioned how his crew was actively working with the suspect to help canvas the banks and plan the robberies. This chatter was the key to being able to put a tracking device on the associates, and one day it yielded huge results. The associates all met up and were on the way to a bank when we were able to get them pulled over and put in custody thanks to the Securus Technologies system.


Securus Technologies: Video Visitation, the Way to Go

Video visitation is a technology that we at Securus Technologies are encouraging people to try. Other than going physically to penitentiaries, we are encouraging inmates and their kin to try out this video system. This does not mean that all physical visitations should cease, rather the video system should be a complement.


The Promotion


At secures, we are determined to spread the good news of the video visitation technology. This technology ensures that though inmates are doing time, they are not locked out of the affections of their loved ones. There are those who wish they could visit their loved ones more, but are unable to do so due to the cost involved. So far we have been able to connect over 160,000 visits.


Nothing beats the physical touch, but when this cannot be realized we offer something close to that. This way, instead of no visit at all, inmates can enjoy video visitation. Now, the special days do not have to ignite memories of those who are absent.


Tamper Proof


Although this system appears closely related to skype and video chat features of social interaction, it is way better. This system ensures that the possibility of interference is nil. This means that we have a secure system and as such clients need not worry that their conversations may be recorded, disseminated, or listened in to by third parties.




While we have 160000 monthly visits to our name, we boast of close to 2 million connections yearly. The relative cost of $2.72 has drawn many so that now we are offering this service to 178 state run agencies in US. Through mobile applications there are a number of people who have been able to connect with loved ones: 110,000 to be exact.




We are based in Dallas, Texas. We offer additional services as above indicated to ensure a tamper proof system. So far close to 3500 agencies are benefiting from our services.



Securus Technologies Puts a Spotlight on Wrongdoings by GTL

Securus Technologies is a firm that provides criminal justice solutions and communication services to inmates for public safety. Recently, this firm announced its intention to unveil several reports highlighting integrity breaches and wrongdoings of Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link is one of top providers of telecommunication solutions and services. According to Securus Technologies, exposure of the wrongdoings will enable Global Tel Link do away with overcharging instances and provide services of high integrity for inmates in the future.

What the Report Entails

The first report to be released connects to the time when GTL provided outbound telecommunication services to Louisiana Department of Corrections. It is revealed that the clocks used in GTL telephones were programmed to overcharge thousands on inmates by adding extra time for every single call made. Additionally, the call rates were much higher than what the rate caps allowed. The call charges were inflated due to double billing of charges paid by regular individuals. Unfortunately, this was clear that these actions by GTL were fully deliberate.

Securus Technologies hopefully feels that exposing these unethical practices by GTL will go a long way to not only help GTL adapt ethical practices but also other telecommunication companies within the corrections industry.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies aims at serving the public safety and is located in Dallas, Texas. It serves one million inmates and more than 3000 corrections agencies across the nation. This great organization is quick at providing emergency responses as well as monitoring of services to ensure that lawful practices are being implemented on ethical grounds. Securus Technologies aims at preventing exploitative practices throughout the correctional industry by releasing the reports.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies’ PR Push Is Intended To Help The Industry

Securus Technologies is on a mission. The company’s primary mission is, and always will be, providing top communications and other software/technology to the correctional facility industry. Another mission, a new mission, being embarked upon focusing on drawing attention to “wrongdoings and integrity breaches” allegedly committed by Global Tel Link (GTL). See, PR newswire’s articles on this.
Securus Technologies is slated to embark on a press release campaign revealing these wrongdoings. The campaign is intended to last six month. The end result of the campaign could lead to major improvements in the industry overall.


Securus Technologies has revealed some of the findings by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC). In the PSC’s report, it was noted durations were added to calls placed at facilities in the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The added time lead to higher bills. Greater detail about the findings are posted in the form of an online press release.

Throughout North America, Securus America Technologies services 1,200,000 inmates and over 3,400 law enforcement/correctional/public safety agencies. The company has risen to the level of an industry leader. The public affairs push it is making over the GTL matter shows the company’s commitment to the industry being served.

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