Richard Mishaan Designs Demand Top Creativity On Their Projects

Richard Mishaan Design Firm is located in New York City and specializes in several different types of design work such as Architecture, Interior Design and Landscaping Architecture. From their work and experience, it is easy to see why Richard Mishaan Design has become known as a world leader in their field of work in both residential and commercial properties. Richard Mishaan Designs know no boundaries either as their client base is located all over the world with numerous projects in hotels, businesses, and homes of content customers.


Ricard Mishaan keeps himself busy. Besides being featured in numerous publishings for magazines, newspapers, and websites he has also written two books where he has shared his inspirations and creativity that have helped inspire him while working at Richard Mishaan Designs. The two books he has authored are called “Modern Luxury” and the second is called “Artfully Modern”. Both of the books express how Richard believes that all good furniture can be combined, even if they differ in style to create a master piece. He draws upon his experience that he has learned as he has journeyed around the world. He expresses some of his exquisite and unique pieces that he has created for his clients and what has helped to spark new design ideas for him too.


Richard Mishaan Design firm works one-on-one with the client and creates the most beautiful and elegant pieces of art. They touch on everything from the type of lighting and location, placement of the furniture and décor, the art on the walls. They work with the customer and clearly explain their approach, and options, prior to creating the design that works best for the customer in creating their perfect design.


With over 25 years of experience, it is no wonder that Richard Mishaan has developed a long list of happy clients that have worked with their company. To find out more about them please check out their website at and see what they can do for you today.