Wen by Chaz: How To

You may have heard of the WEN by Chaz Haircare Line by now and if you haven’t then you’ve probably been living under a rock. The success of this product is not only that it’s backed by research, founded by a top celebrity stylist, or exclusive natural ingredients. Most of it’s success comes from ease of use. Unfortunately, other brands will have you using about five different products at once just to receive a specific look. (Wen) stands out thanks to it’s revolutionary formula and user friendly application. Let’s take a closure look.

Fast Treatments, Great Results

Now days people just don’t have hours to waste dealing with hair, especially women. Evolution is the key and those old methods of hair treatments are becoming irrelevant as we speak. Wen by Chaz products are quick and easy to use, but gives that professional appearance to seek.

This all in one formula starts by rinsing your hair. Now you should put some of the product into the palms of your hands while rubbing together. Depending on hair texture and thickness, the amount varies, but use between 10-16 pumps for shorter hair. For medium length hair length try using 16-24 pumps and for longer hair that’s thick, try between 24-32 pumps. While applying to the hair make sure to massage the scalp area. You may splash a bit of water extra distribution and leave it in as you shower or bathe. Continue to massage the hair and scalp then start the rinsing. After rinsing, apply a just a small amount to your hair near the ends for leave-in purposes. That’s It! You may repeat the cycle afterward if necessary, but only use half instead of the full amount you started with.

Wen By Chaz has the best method with the simplest instruction. With consistent use you’ll begin to notice your hair is much more softer, smoother, and fuller. Check out their products on Guthy-Renker and QVC.