How Eric Lefkofsky Is Leading The Fight Against Cancer

An Entrepreneur Fights Disease

Cancer is one of the most devastating and common diseases in the world. The treatment of cancer is naturally very expensive and complicated. There is a serious need for technology that will allow physicians to improve the care provided to cancer patients. When Eric Lefkofsky ( founded Tempus he did just that. Thanks to his work physicians across the world are able to provide cancer therapy in a much more efficient manner than previously possible. With the experience he gained through his management and funding of some of the biggest names in commerce this entrepreneur has given something special to the world.



The Background Of Eric Lefkofsky

Prior to his founding of Tempus Lefkofsky was already a well established business man. While still attending the University of Michigan he started his first business selling carpets. After graduation he gathered some of his college friends and borrowed money from family to start up a clothing company named Brandon Apparel. These first few tastes of success led Lefkofsky towards the path of entrepreneurship. He saw the potential of the free market and those who are able to fully utilize it.



Taking On Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur by profession but this doesn’t mean he lacks an interest in helping others. He has a particularly strong interest in cancer and helping improve the quality of care they receive. To help doctors tackle cancer he created Tempus. At Tempus Lefkofsky helps doctors give cancer patients personalized care. While there are many cancer patients not every patient will share the same genetic or environmental influences. Tailoring cancer therapy to assist individuals in a way designed for each specific patient is of utmost importance.



Having His Cake And Eating It

The life of Eric Lefkofsky is fascinating. He has made himself into a billionaire but he hasn’t forgotten to make philanthropy an important of his life’s work. He uses his wealth to help others in need through the free market system. He has saved the lives of many cancer patients and changed the way we look at medicine forever.

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