Thor Halvorssen Hopes to Be An Inspiration for Young Activists

Thor Halvorssen is not the kind of human rights activist to lock himself away from the world around him, as has been shown by his ability to bring the activism community of the world together under the Oslo Freedom Forum banner. The success of Halvorssen’s vision in bringing the Oslo Freedom Forum to life can be seen in the fact 2016 saw the first San Francisco Freedom Forum take place after the Oslo Freedom Forum was established in just 2009; Halvorssen believes their is much to be explored in meeting with other activists, political leaders, and journalists at events like the Oslo Freedom Forum.11)

In establishing the Oslo Freedon Forum, Thor Halvorssen looked to follow the example of the TEDTalks events he has often been a speaker at, which have looked to bring together all those with an interest in technology and its related social fields. Thor has made sure technology plays an important role in the way the Oslo Freedom Forum presents itself to the world, including the talks and seminars that take place being made available in video form for viewers around the world to enjoy and discuss.

Becoming involved in popular culture and technology has been a major part of the human rights career of Thor Halvorssen as he has looked to develop a following of young people who may not have considered human rights in the past. Halvorssen has promoted news items about the movement of celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj who have performed and appeared at events funded by dictators and human rights abusers from around the world.

Alongside his work to promote stories about popular culture figures and the human rights problems they may have, Thor Halvorssen also works with charitable groups who are looking to bring young people into the world of activism in many different ways. The New York based founder of the Human Rights Foundation is well known as the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, a group dedicated to promoting communication links between children in Europe and areas of the world affected by war and violent conflict.