Anthony Petrello: A Man with a Mission

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Neighbors Industries. Anthony Petrello is an ambitious businessman who has held the position as Ceo with Neighbors since 2011. Neighbors is a holding company which is based out of Canada.

Prior to his CEO position at Neighbors Industries, Anthony Petrello worked for the law firm Baker & McKenzie. Mr. Petrello served as Managing Partner at Baker McKenzie for a period of five years.

Anthony Petrello has been the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC since early 2011. In addition, Petrello currently serves as Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. He also held position as Director of Media On

Mr. Petrello also offers Strategic Planning services which can help an organization adapt as well as prosper in a highly competitive business market. Also, these services have helped numerous companies adapt in a changing and dynamic business environment.

It is quite evident that Anthony Petrello has had a successful business career. Mr. Petrello attributes his success to hard work and following a stable career path. You can achieve whatever you set out to achieve as long as you are consistent.

Anthony Petrello has some impressive education credentials. Petrello earned a JD Degree from Harvard Law School. In addition, Petrello holds both a BS as well as an MS Degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Yale University.

Anthony Petrello has been featured in various business journals and magazines. Petrello has been a frequent topic of discussion on Bloomberg Television as well as MSNBC. Also, Petrello does do public speaking engagements and travels to various campuses within the United States.

On a more personal note, Anthony Petrello is devoted to helping children with neurological disorders. Helping children with neurological disorders is something that is close to Petrello’s heart. This eventually led to Mr. Petrello’s involvement with Texas Children’s Hospital. He donates large sums of money to further his cause with helping these children live better and more productive lives.

Eric Pulier

An American entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, CA, Eric Pulier is the founder of many different companies, including Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform. Raised in Teaneck, NJ, Pulier got his start by creating a computer database when he was still in elementary school. He subsequently attended Harvard University, where he was an editor for The Harvard Crimson. In 1991, when he first moved to Los Angeles, he founded the company People Doing Things (PDT). PDT’s primary goal was to use technology to address concerns in health care and education. Subsequently, Eric Pulier founded Digital Evolution in 1994, which merged with US Interactive LLC four years later. But Pulier’s biggest success came when, in 1997, he was commissioned by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create an exclusive exhibition called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” The success of this exhibition led Pulier to become part of Vice President Al Gore’s health care and technology forum, where he advised on health care and technology initiatives. To this day, Eric Pulier is very closely tied with President Bill Clinton, and is noted as a longtime supporter of The Clinton Foundation. He also is a donor to several other philanthropic organizations, including the X-Prize Foundation, which is perhaps what he is best known for, as far as his philanthropy is concerned. There’s no doubt we’ll continue to hear about Eric Pulier in the future. You can check out his website at, and see what this successful entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist is up to today.