Jorge Moll, Neurologist

Jorge Moll graduated a neurologist in 1994 from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. He is a member of the governing board of the D’or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). He also has the Visiting Scholar Award from Stanford University Neuroscience Institute, at Stanford University 2015. Moll works on neurofeedback projects where he teaches people how to receive feedback with their own brain activity. Electroencephalography or EEG, is used to determine brain responses. His study was aimed to find whether or not the neurological basis of human motivated behavior in healthy individuals with organic-based mental illness. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Moll is a neuroscientist by education. He did his post doc at the National Institute of Health in the United States. His thesis is that there is a neural basis for all human forms of social cognition. Jorge Moll has 89 publications accessible on Loop. Moll has 133 publications on He started off with Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz da Universidade de São Paulo, earning his Ph.D. in experimental pathophysiology. Read more about Jorge Moll at

He won the NIH award in 2004-2007, he was the Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, D’Or Institute for Research & Education.

Research Fellow NIH award (2004-2007). He is also an elected affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (2008). He has also been elected to the governor’s board member of the International Neuroethics Society (2012-13). He uses neurofeedback in his research projects, as his work postulates that there is a neurological reason for everything that happens in the brain. What neurofeedback does is it trains the brain to self-regulate. Neurofeedback can also be called EEG biofeedback, while neurofeedback is applied to the brain in a direct manner. The process works with the electrodes taped onto the brain to determine brain activity. There are specific locations geared toward specific conditions that affect the brain. Moll is a researcher who has published many times.


The Development Projects of JHSF led by José AuriemoNeto

JHSF, a leading Brazilian real estate company, was founded in 1972. The high-end real estate company participates in administration and development of shopping centers and five-star hotels. The company also is involved in commercial and residential incorporation. JHSF is well known for its incredible capacity to identify viable business opportunities in regions where it operates. The company’s quality, daring, Pioneering, innovation, and capability to develop sustainable solutions for its development projects are some of the fundamental characteristics of the firm and more information click here.

Since it was established, the company has grown exponentially in different parts of Brazil such as Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. Additionally, the company operates on a global scale in other cities such as New York, Miami, Punta Del Este. JHSF is made up of four business units which are; Airport, Incorporation, Shopping Center, and Fasano Hotel and Restaurants. JHSF has been operating for more than four decades thus transforming Brazil’s real estate industry.

JHSF acquired stakes in Fasano Hotels thus becoming the first Brazilian company in the real estate sector to add hospitality to its development activities. The company has opened several shopping centers in different parts of Brazil such as Sao Paulo. Such JHSF projects improve the living standards of people living in the region due to how it integrates with the local bus terminal and the subway and learn more about Jose.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the current CEO and chairman of JHSF. Mr. Auriemo oversees the company’s interests in public, hotel and office building developments. Jose also administers JHSF’s large retail and shopping portfolio as well as the CIDADE Jardim shopping center located in Sao Paulo.

In 2009, Mr. Aureimo led the company to invest in retail by signing partnership contracts with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. The company also opened its first retail luxury brands in different parts of Brazil. The company also partnered with Valentino in 2012 and launched its first R.E.D Valentino and Valentino stores in Brazil. Mr. Auriemo is a graduate the University of Sao Paulo and Jose’s lacrosse camp.


Adam Milstein’s Inspired By Israel Runs For A Second Year

Adam Milstein and the Milstein Family Foundation just recently awarded an $8,000 Grand Prize to Sivan Felder and Batsheva Shachnovitz for their film, “Olah Chadasha (New Immigrant).” The video received attention from Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and has been cited by publications such as the Jerusalem Post where Milstein is a contributor. Adam Milstein had helped launch this competition just last year and had given the grand prize to the film “Superman’s Got Nothing on Israel” which also was widely acclaimed. The Milstein started this competition to promote patriotism and allow people to become creative in showing their gratitude for Israel. This competition is just one of many ways that Adam and his wife Gila have been active in philanthropy.


Adam Milstein is the cofounder of Hager Pacific Properties and is responsible for brokering deals between investors and property clients at both commercial and residential holdings. The company owns properties across California, Texas, Illinois and even recently acquired some real estate in Wisconsin. He’s made philanthropy a huge part of his work and in addition to the Milstein Family Foundation, he’s the President and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, an activist organization whose mission is to form deeper ties between the US and Israel.


Adam Milstein came from Israel and has been a member of the IDF including serving under Ariel Sharon during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. His first venture into real estate came in construction and development in his father’s company where he worked for several years. He received his bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the Technion, and he also sold art to the temples as a side business. He married Gila about a year after completing his military service and he became a father to three daughters.


Adam Milstein’s foundation runs on three principles of active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. One of the ways they have impacted the Jewish community is through their Hebrew learning program, Sifriyat Pijama B’America which teaches the language through books, music and games. The Milstein Family Foundation supports organizations such as Birthright Israel, Hillel International, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Stand By Me and AIPAC.

Patty Rocklage the Donor and Adored Psychologist

Patty Rocklage is not only a famous but also an experienced as well as an active specialist who is proficient and holds quality education attained from the USC. Patty Rocklage graduated in the year. She served as a psychoanalyst for a couple of years and has an experience of over 20 years. Her objectives include assisting individuals, couples, children, as well as the families that are undergoing stress and are straining to survive. Her view was that guiding and giving assistance to the people would be of great significance with the dynamic times as well as the trends.

As a result of hard work, she has been capable of making humanitarian motions to the individual people as well as the societies. They have given their financial donations to enhance the renovation of MIT Building 2. MIT is the campus where her husband Scott Rocklage completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) studies and more information click here.

The couple has offered constant support to the MIT. The two toured the department on 18th July 2016 on their hard work and the advancements that have taken place since then. They unitedly appreciated and gave further contributions to facilitate the renewal of Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry Laboratory. In addition to this, they had other projects including the renewal of nanotechnology laboratory space and Moungi Bawendi nanotechnology. There exists a commemoration positioned tactically. This ensures that their memories last and that they are remembered for their exemplary, constant, and generous support through donations.

There exists a number of young ladies who are growing globally. The fact that Patty Rocklage is successful makes her act as a role model to them. Their generous donations to help the Varsity affairs also assist the students’ access to high-quality education. Such education equips them with knowledge that often makes the world a better place to live. The reason is that they have the knowledge to deal with issues they encounter.

Patty Rocklage together with her husband Scott Rocklage has made the people picture the significance of utilizing gravel to enhance water filtration through the ground. The character of Patty Rocklage teaches the community that the difficulties in life are dealt with through avoiding unnecessary complications and learn more about Patty.

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How David McDonald Meets the Demands of His Position at OSI Group

David G. McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer, President, and a Board Member of the privately held food processing company OSI Group, LLC. David G. McDonald first joined the company in 1987 after graduating from Iowa State University with his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Over the course of his career, he has steadily worked his way up the ladder into the position he is now in. He is also an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A., a position he has held since 2008. Additionally, he is the Chairman of the Board for the North American Meat Institute.

OSI Group provides processed food products to restaurants around the globe, as well as processing food that is sold by grocery stores under their private label brands. While the company initially processed meat only, today it also processes seafood, vegetables, fruits, and other products such as condiments, pizzas, dressings, and sandwich fillings.

When OSI Group recently acquired two European food processing companies, Baho Foods in the Netherlands and Flagship Europe in the UK, David McDonald issued press releases about the purchases. He said that both companies portfolio of products meshed very well with what OSI Group provides and will strengthen their sales throughout Europe.

As different countries have different food regulations, laws, culture, and other issues, running a global company can be very difficult. Addressing these issues, David McDonald has said that his company competes very well because they have operations and facilities throughout the world. He elaborated by saying that while the company is global each facility has a local management team that has the knowledge to operate in the country they’re in. He’s also said that China is one of their biggest focuses due to it quickly becoming the largest consumer market in the world. In recent years he said that OSI Group has opened up new food processing facilities in China in order to meet additional demand from both restaurants and grocery stores in the country. The company also supplied the food that was served at the 2008 Beijing Olympics which included 113 tons of processed food and more information click here.

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The Birth of Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up F actory

The Swiss Startup Factory holds the keys to the future of Switzerland in the world of business. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Mike Baur is the key to the foundation and birth of SSUF. Raising the funds for capital as well as for financing multiple projects is what Mike Baur is responsible for at SSUF, and those who join the panel of high-level experts all know that joining the efforts of SSUF is the best way to learn every step from inception to the finish line what a business is all about.


Having started SSUF in 2014, Baur knew that the structure and how he setup the training would be the key to how effective this training was for any entrepreneur that joined. The ambition to create global companies is Baur’s greatest passion, and after working in the banking industry he wanted to do something different. Baur’s goal was to find new and innovative ways to start and run a company, all while teaching entrepreneurs how to think outside the box. His idea was to create a solid foundation with a three month program, that would support early stage startups with financing, coaching, and the best mentoring available in their industries. Additionally, Baur wanted to secure appropriate office space to give the entrepreneurs enough room to come in as a team and brainstorm as they continue to build on new ideas for their new business.


Creating access to a large entrepreneurial network would allow Baur to give any early stage startup the very best start possible with those who are experienced in multiple startups with multiple projects. The cornerstone of SSUF is the Accelerator Program, which is the three month program designed to push these entrepreneurs to start and build their business with momentum as quickly as possible. There are now several internship projects available with SSUF for those who wish to come on board and learn more about the InSure Tech industry.


There are multiple opportunities within SSUF, and Baur has created opportunities in various industries with the help of his team to bring the best entrepreneurial minds as well as those who are considered top-level bankers as well. Mentorship is available to those who wish to engage direct with innovative thinkers, and discover the very best that business has to offer in Switzerland.

How Does Mike Baur Serve His Startup Clients?

Mike Baur is a strong advocate for small businesses for some time, and he works with startups every day to ensure they are funded and managed properly. There are quite a few people who come to the Swiss Startup Factory every year for service, and this article explains how Mike offers services to his clients that are helpful as their businesses grow. There are many phases a startup must go through, and Mike helps everyone through each step.


#1: Funding For The Idea


Those who come to Mike for assistance are looking for funding that will help them get their ideas off the ground. Their ideas are powerful when they are funded well, and Mike will help his clients ensure their ideas are heard and seen. He will bring in partners who will fund each project, and they will become partners of the projects that will remain with the startups for some time.


#2: How Does Mike Guide Managers?


Mike is a lovely guide for managers because he knows how to manage a large startup. The startup that has become massive without any business experience on the part of the client will grow with help from Mike as he tells them how to manage their funding. He will show them how to hire, and he will help them build their management team. There may be quite a few people will who be hired to help steer the ship, and Mike may help find these people. He does not get involved himself. He is there to ensure the customer is pleased with their management team.


#3: Patience


The Swiss Startup Factory is quite patient with their clients, and they talk clients through the process to ensure everyone is comfortable. The process of building a new business will take some time, and Mike will wait out the process to ensure it is done properly. He has helped build many large companies, and he knows how to make each company find its niche in the their industry.


Mike Baur does amazing work at the Swiss Startup factory that ensures all his clients are given the assistance they need. They are given something that they cannot find elsewhere, and they are funded to the highest level by those Mike has chosen. He works with tireless devotion to each client, and he only stops when the company is no longer a startup with new business ideas.


A First Impression Can Make Or Break Your Reputation

The days of being able to bombard your customers with commercials and interrupted advertising are over. Consumers are tuning out those types of messages. The old push economy is rapidly dying out and is being replaced with a more consumer-eccentric pull economy.

Consumers are now going online and reading reviews and gathering recommendations before making a buying decision. What they see first about your company becomes your reputation. Online reputation management is not just for celebrities and large corporations anymore. With the popularity of review sites like Yelp! local businesses can be helped or hurt by their online reputation.

What Makes A Reputation?

As mentioned before, Online Reputation Reviews about your business will go a long way to helping your reputation. Even bad reviews can be turned into a positive if handled the right way. Do not shy away from responding to negative reviews. Try to resolve them as quickly as possible. When other consumers see that you make an effort to resolve complaints and ensure that every customer is satisfied you will be viewed as an honest, trustworthy business.

Another facet of your reputation is your social media presence. Engaging with your customers via social media is an excellent way to keep your up to date on the wants and desires of your customers. Many smart businesses are using social media as an extension of their customer service department.

Reputation Management Is A Continuous Process

Online reputation management is not a one-time exercise. Your business needs to monitor your reputation on a daily basis. Set up a Google alert for your company name to see what is being said about you on the Internet. This will give you the opportunity to head off any negative mentions and amplify those positive stories about your company.

Marketing and customer service need to work together to ensure that a consistent message reaches the consumer and that your company reacts in a similar manner.

Businesses and individuals need to view online reputation management as an integral part of the new pull economy. With the whole organization focused on reputation your first impression ana customer will be a positive one.


Cotemar Leads Revolution in Mexican Oil

The Mexican oil producer Cotemar is among several companies that are about to define the new landscape in the Mexican petroleum industry in a post-Pemex environment. Cotemar, which made it through the first round of bidding, and other firms, such as Petrobal, Sierra Oil, Diarqo, Nuuvoil, and Renaissance Oil, are each poised to carve out their own niche in this new, unregulated framework. Expansion, the Mexican news magazine and site, likened the situation to the Wild West.

The challenge for Pemex, as the former state monopoly, will be to learn how to deal with these former providers and clients on an equal footing. Moreover, there are still some details for Cotemar and several other firms to work out in terms of land and mineral rights in Veracruz and elsewhere.

The fourth round of bidding, which will decide which companies receive deep-water rights, is bound to be a watershed moment. These reforms have been largely conceived to boost production and to better exploint the extensive deep-water deposits to which Mexico has rights. According to Expansion, the new framework aims to increase production, advance the national interest, and generate more proceeds and royalties for the Mexican government.

Cotemar is a Veracruz-based company which has traditionally been a provider for Pemex and the rest of the Mexican oil industry. They specialize in all areas of support, including logistics, offshore construction, engineering, and transport. In particular, Cotemar has a fleet of semi-submergible vessels able to provide supplies and transport to extremely deep water drilling operations. Their 37 years of experience and close working relationship with Pemex are likely to be key advantages for Cotemar as they move into oil production and away from support and consulting. Nonetheless, Cotemar will need to compete with other companies that are keen to position themselves in this new market reality.


Philanthropist Bruce Levenson Marches Onward

Some newsletters are free missives from distant relatives. But some newsletters are the start of great wealth and general prosperity. That is the way it is with the Oil Express, a newsletter that Bruce Levenson co-founded with his friend, Ed Peskowitz, in 1977. Their company was United Communications Group (UCG) and the newsletter published all the insider data about the current events in the oil industry.
But Levenson did not stop there. He bought other newsletters in the oil industry and other industries. From these he created the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). He used OPIS to build the best industry database ever made available. Levenson still owns UCG. He has expanded it tenfold to include news and feature articles for many sectors. News is available covering the inside events for energy, telecoms, mortgage banks, health care, and computer technology.

After becoming a wealthy publisher, Bruce Levenson decided to contribute in a major way to American sports. According to ESPN, he became the leader in a group of investors that bought the Atlanta Hawks. They not only bought the national basketball team, while they were at it they also bought the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team. To top it all off, finally they bought the Hawks home court, the Phillips Arena.

Born into a great Jewish family in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Bruce Levenson has always been a big philanthropist and generous with his time as well. He is a major supporter of many Jewish causes. As a holocaust survivor, Levenson’s mother-in-law survived the horrors of the Nazi’s fascism during World War II. For more info, visit the official website of Mr Levenson at