Joe Arpaio

The pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump was not a surprise to many, particularly when his staunch backing of the one-time longshot candidate comes into consideration.

Still, many familiar with the crimes of “Sheriff Joe,” have had trouble understanding the logic in allowing him to get off scot-free, and recently, longtime rivals, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, publicly reiterated their stance. Labeling President Trump’s decision as “the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals,” Michael Lacey proceeded to fire off a list of the former Sheriff of Maricopa County’s trespasses.

Joe Arpaio made national headlines when the conditions of his “tent city” jail became public knowledge, and it was also revealed that he even referred to it as his own personal “concentration camp.” Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin: and

It was this type of injustice that led Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to consistently profile Joe Arpaio’s transgressions against human rights in the Phoenix New Times; a move that often left both sides in direct opposition with one another, eventually resulting in the unjust arrest of the newspapermen at their homes.

1972 marked the beginning of a new decade, as well as the year that would change the lives of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey forever. After dropping out of Arizona State University, the two teamed up, forming what would eventually become the Phoenix New Times, changing the world of print media forever. During this time, the country was experiencing a number of changes, with the Vietnam War being at the top of the list.

As campus protest began to swiftly mount across the country, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, disillusioned with the uber-conservative nature in which the issues were being covered, decided to create their own news outlet, catering to the more alternative viewpoints that were gaining more traction throughout the United States.

What began as a fledgling campus newspaper, soon developed into legitimate news outlet, and at the onset of the 1980’s, Larkin and Lacey had purchased a popular newspaper from the Denver, CO area, Westword. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

This would signify the beginning of the era of expansion for Larkin and Lacey, and New Times would go on to acquire 17 additional news publications, including LA Weekly, Miami New Times, and Village Voice.

By this time, New Times would have outlets that reached from coast to coast, making their like-minded papers available in every major U.S. market. Throughout the course of their careers, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey remained committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of the citizens of the United States, and because of this, their publications have maintained a high readership since being placed under the New Times umbrella. After running the company since the early 1970’s, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided to sell it to a group of company executives that had been with them for a number of years.

Today, the publications that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey brought to prominence, still maintain a subscription base that reaches in excess of 60 million people each month.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC CEO Glen Wakeman Enjoys Mentoring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Wakeman has a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance. Wakeman is considered an innovator in the business field. He has offered mentorship and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. Wakeman is enamored with the development and growth throughout the World’s marketplace. Wakeman emphasizes risk management and the importance of leadership.

Wakeman says that the concept for LaunchPad Holdings LLC centered around the fact that he likes matching ideas with money. LaunchPad Holdings has a simple software platform that should help businesses succeed. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.

Glen Wakeman enjoys giving back and passing on the life lessons and skills that he has learned through his years of being successful in competitive environments. Wakeman says that he would have never made it to where he is today with the resources and guidance that his mentors provided. Wakeman also wants to emphasize that mentorship should never be completely one sided. Both parties must be active so that the mentors would be more likely to invest in the mentees.

Wakeman tries to show others the power in being grateful. Companies can retain more of their customers if they express gratitude for the customers support. Wakeman supports writing notes to customers because he feels that is a great way to stand out from the competitor who are likely to send an email. Writing a note can help companies build those strong bonds with their customers which will be hard to break. By establishing that relationship in the early stages, Wakeman believes that the customers will evolve with the business. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

Wakeman also tries to show his younger peers the significance of learning every aspects of how business works. Wakeman supports entrepreneurs taking a hands on role in the day to day operations of their business. Being active and versatile will only strengthen the knowledge of entrepreneurs, which in turn will help them evolve. Wakeman believes that when the boss takes a more active role in the business, the morale of the staff is boosted and the business will enjoy faster growth and less employee turnover.


The Development Projects of JHSF led by José AuriemoNeto

JHSF, a leading Brazilian real estate company, was founded in 1972. The high-end real estate company participates in administration and development of shopping centers and five-star hotels. The company also is involved in commercial and residential incorporation. JHSF is well known for its incredible capacity to identify viable business opportunities in regions where it operates. The company’s quality, daring, Pioneering, innovation, and capability to develop sustainable solutions for its development projects are some of the fundamental characteristics of the firm and more information click here.

Since it was established, the company has grown exponentially in different parts of Brazil such as Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. Additionally, the company operates on a global scale in other cities such as New York, Miami, Punta Del Este. JHSF is made up of four business units which are; Airport, Incorporation, Shopping Center, and Fasano Hotel and Restaurants. JHSF has been operating for more than four decades thus transforming Brazil’s real estate industry.

JHSF acquired stakes in Fasano Hotels thus becoming the first Brazilian company in the real estate sector to add hospitality to its development activities. The company has opened several shopping centers in different parts of Brazil such as Sao Paulo. Such JHSF projects improve the living standards of people living in the region due to how it integrates with the local bus terminal and the subway and learn more about Jose.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the current CEO and chairman of JHSF. Mr. Auriemo oversees the company’s interests in public, hotel and office building developments. Jose also administers JHSF’s large retail and shopping portfolio as well as the CIDADE Jardim shopping center located in Sao Paulo.

In 2009, Mr. Aureimo led the company to invest in retail by signing partnership contracts with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. The company also opened its first retail luxury brands in different parts of Brazil. The company also partnered with Valentino in 2012 and launched its first R.E.D Valentino and Valentino stores in Brazil. Mr. Auriemo is a graduate the University of Sao Paulo and Jose’s lacrosse camp.


Anthony Petrello: A Man with a Mission

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Neighbors Industries. Anthony Petrello is an ambitious businessman who has held the position as Ceo with Neighbors since 2011. Neighbors is a holding company which is based out of Canada.

Prior to his CEO position at Neighbors Industries, Anthony Petrello worked for the law firm Baker & McKenzie. Mr. Petrello served as Managing Partner at Baker McKenzie for a period of five years.

Anthony Petrello has been the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC since early 2011. In addition, Petrello currently serves as Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. He also held position as Director of Media On

Mr. Petrello also offers Strategic Planning services which can help an organization adapt as well as prosper in a highly competitive business market. Also, these services have helped numerous companies adapt in a changing and dynamic business environment.

It is quite evident that Anthony Petrello has had a successful business career. Mr. Petrello attributes his success to hard work and following a stable career path. You can achieve whatever you set out to achieve as long as you are consistent.

Anthony Petrello has some impressive education credentials. Petrello earned a JD Degree from Harvard Law School. In addition, Petrello holds both a BS as well as an MS Degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Yale University.

Anthony Petrello has been featured in various business journals and magazines. Petrello has been a frequent topic of discussion on Bloomberg Television as well as MSNBC. Also, Petrello does do public speaking engagements and travels to various campuses within the United States.

On a more personal note, Anthony Petrello is devoted to helping children with neurological disorders. Helping children with neurological disorders is something that is close to Petrello’s heart. This eventually led to Mr. Petrello’s involvement with Texas Children’s Hospital. He donates large sums of money to further his cause with helping these children live better and more productive lives.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta: An Outstanding Health Care Professional

Current Concerns


Incipient clinical tribulation conclusions offer proof that high-dose treatment complimented by transfusion of a person’s own blood-composing cells can produce lasting reduction of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, which is an autoimmune disease where the immune system self-destructs. A long time post treatment, called immunosuppressive rehabilitation and cell transplant, sixty-nine percent of tribulation participants had survived without experiencing progression of incapacitation, relapse of MS symptoms or incipient encephalon lesions. Eminently, participants did not take any MS medications after receiving HDIT/HCT. Other studies have betokened that currently available MS drugs have lower prosperity rates. The tribulation, is called HALT-MS, and was supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Scientists recorded three-year scores from the experiment in December 2014, and the final five-year conclusions will be presented via Internet on Feb. 1 in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. MS traits vary and may include brain connectivity and expression challenges, impuissance, fatigue and chronic pain. The commonest form of MS is relapsing-remitting MS. This yields mild or non-existent signs intermingled with symptom outbreaks or revert.


Shiva Gopal Vasishta, MD is a proficiently operating Neurologist in Voorhees, NJ. Dr. Gopal Vasishta achieved an education from Regime Medical College in 1979 and has been in practice four decades. He consummated a residency at Boston City Hospital. Dr. Gopal Vasishta additionally concentrates specifically in the field of Psychiatry. He performs at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates and is associated with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus.


Dr. Gopal Vasishta allows numerous coverage plans including Medicare, Humana and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Dr. Gopal Vasishta possesses a certification in Neurology. As well as English, Dr. Gopal Vasishta’s also attempt to reinforce his comprehension of the Spanish language. Dr. Vasishta is an extraordinary influence on the medical community.

Find out more about Shiva Gopal Vasishta:

The Birth of Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up F actory

The Swiss Startup Factory holds the keys to the future of Switzerland in the world of business. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Mike Baur is the key to the foundation and birth of SSUF. Raising the funds for capital as well as for financing multiple projects is what Mike Baur is responsible for at SSUF, and those who join the panel of high-level experts all know that joining the efforts of SSUF is the best way to learn every step from inception to the finish line what a business is all about.


Having started SSUF in 2014, Baur knew that the structure and how he setup the training would be the key to how effective this training was for any entrepreneur that joined. The ambition to create global companies is Baur’s greatest passion, and after working in the banking industry he wanted to do something different. Baur’s goal was to find new and innovative ways to start and run a company, all while teaching entrepreneurs how to think outside the box. His idea was to create a solid foundation with a three month program, that would support early stage startups with financing, coaching, and the best mentoring available in their industries. Additionally, Baur wanted to secure appropriate office space to give the entrepreneurs enough room to come in as a team and brainstorm as they continue to build on new ideas for their new business.


Creating access to a large entrepreneurial network would allow Baur to give any early stage startup the very best start possible with those who are experienced in multiple startups with multiple projects. The cornerstone of SSUF is the Accelerator Program, which is the three month program designed to push these entrepreneurs to start and build their business with momentum as quickly as possible. There are now several internship projects available with SSUF for those who wish to come on board and learn more about the InSure Tech industry.


There are multiple opportunities within SSUF, and Baur has created opportunities in various industries with the help of his team to bring the best entrepreneurial minds as well as those who are considered top-level bankers as well. Mentorship is available to those who wish to engage direct with innovative thinkers, and discover the very best that business has to offer in Switzerland.

Possible Results of Synthesizing Fashion with Technology

Fashion analysts and designers alike agree to one thing, that if married with technology, fashion yields greater results. The two industries significantly influence each other’s growth. There are major trends that advance out of technology. For instance, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt designed an Airbag for Cyclists; a system meant to shield their heads. Unlike the helmets, this system allows a clear view, hence trendier and more technological.

If you have been keen, you must have noted that just like history, fashion too repeats itself. Modern day products are in most cases recycled from old materials. There are quite fashionable jackets and t-shirts being worn today, which SegraSegra made out of bicycles’ inner tubes. You only need to stretch your eyes a little further. Opportunities are there right, left and center.

Chris Burch; His View on Fashion and Tech Sectors

It is indisputable to conclude that these two sectors grow hand-in-hand and in the process perfect each other. As Chris says, to have a promising tomorrow, the two much blend and depend on each other to tap the potential beauty and creativity. Such also ensures that the world becomes a much better place for all.

Synthesizing the two opens ones’ eyes to myriad opportunities. It takes time to discover a new trend unless technology comes in handy to popularize it. In fact, Chris highlights that being an entrepreneur is as difficult as it is gratifying. To thrive, you must possess great skills coupled with resources.

Account of Chris’ Ability to Traverse Through Investments to Attain Success

Within his forty years in the business world, Chris Burch has played significant roles in over fifty companies, hence contributing greatly to their success. For him, it is a matter of synthesizing his good experience with an instinctive understanding of his client needs and wants. Exploiting innovation is paramount, but it is even greater to connect it to impact.

Burch runs a company that deals with a wide market. Their products range from home furnishings, organic foods, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, clothes and many others. You need not wonder how he manages that, as the skills he has accumulated already say it all.


At the end of the day, fashion will keep coming, going and getting recycled. If you are open to opportunities, you will always have a trademark to protect. Chris advises that regardless of the size of your business, you should always focus on building your brand.


JustFab Sets Out to Have another Great Year According to Adam Goldenberg

Co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg, spoke a few words about his El Segundo-based membership fashion company. He predicts that his company will see the same level of success, if not higher, as it does every year. There’s no one in the fashion world that knows what a “successful year” entails like Goldenberg does.

Adam Goldenberg was very successful before founding JustFab. He started his first company when he was just 15 years old. He later sold his million-dollar company, Gamer’s Alliance, to Intermix Media. He met his life-long business partner, Don Ressler, while working at Intermix. After Intermix Media’s acquisition, Goldenberg and Ressler went on to found Intelligent Beauty, which later gave birth to JustFab.

JustFab has had one of the most successful first five years in fashion history on YouTube. Since its founded, JustFab has received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of funding from companies wanting to share in the success. JustFab also gave birth to the most popular athletic brand in the world, Fabletics. What makes JustFab so successful is its customer services and community mindset.

Adam Goldenberg says that JustFab’s success comes from its ability to learn and adapt quickly. JustFab relies heavily on customer feedback. The executives leading JustFab’s management team is constantly looking over numbers. The company can figure out what works and what doesn’t sooner. Goldenberg also explains his personal belief in full transparency. He finds it best to share all numbers, good and bad, with the entire team. It helps the team to know what’s going on so that the problems can be addressed in innovative ways at

The one big mistake that Goldenberg admits that JustFab made was in early pricing. While customers are happy to pay $40 or $50 for shoes and handbags; they don’t want to spend that much on sunglasses or jewelry.

Adam Goldenberg knows all too well how much customer feedback plays a role in a company’s success. His first company, Gamer’s Alliance, was an e-commerce for gamers to share information. After selling to Intermix Media, he began working with a team of other successful professional. Obviously, Don Ressler was amongst those professionals.

When he and Ressler left, they spend weeks trying to come up with a new concept for a company. Along with some other former team members, they created Intelligent BeautY.

Read more: 24 questions with JustFab Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg

Troy McQuagge; One Planet’s CEO of The Year

It was yet another triumph for Troy McQuagge in the honored One Planet Awards as he was named the CEO of the year. The president and chief executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. emerged top in the Gold Category. One Planet Awards is an esteemed awards program that goes through numerous nominations of various organizations and executives awarding them based on their excellent performance. The award program only rewards a few who emerge top after considering a huge list of nominations coming from local, foreign, as well as profit and non-profit organizations.


Troy McQuagge has over 30 years worth of experience in providing excellent service in the health insurance market in the country. He joined USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2010 as President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors. In 2014, due to his outstanding services and contribution, McQuagge was appointed President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. Before joining USHEALTH, McQuagge served at HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group as the company’s president and CEO. During his time at HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group, he led the company to reach close to a billion dollars in sales volume annually.


Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a renown company in the health insurance market, dedicated to providing innovative health coverage to small business owners as well as self-employed individuals. The company combines its agents and employees skills to market profitable insurance products. Beyond its products, USHEALTH ensures the provision of superior and excellent customer services to all its clients.


In addition to his leadership roles, Troy McQuagge is a humanitarian who cares about causes involving children, civil rights, disaster and humanitarian relief. He has supported organizations like Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids, and Crisis Nursery Phoenix. Semper Fi Fund provides lifetime support and financial assistance to post 9/11 members of the armed forces and their families. Hopekids supports children with life-threatening medical conditions by organizing events and providing activities for them. While Crisis Nursery Phoenix, now Child Crisis Arizona, provides children with a safe environment free from neglect and abuse.


“It was an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition,” said Mr. McQuagge. He described the accolade as a testament to USHEALTH’s dedication to innovation and excellence by availing products which provide extraordinary value to clients and the health insurance market in general.




How Does Mike Baur Serve His Startup Clients?

Mike Baur is a strong advocate for small businesses for some time, and he works with startups every day to ensure they are funded and managed properly. There are quite a few people who come to the Swiss Startup Factory every year for service, and this article explains how Mike offers services to his clients that are helpful as their businesses grow. There are many phases a startup must go through, and Mike helps everyone through each step.


#1: Funding For The Idea


Those who come to Mike for assistance are looking for funding that will help them get their ideas off the ground. Their ideas are powerful when they are funded well, and Mike will help his clients ensure their ideas are heard and seen. He will bring in partners who will fund each project, and they will become partners of the projects that will remain with the startups for some time.


#2: How Does Mike Guide Managers?


Mike is a lovely guide for managers because he knows how to manage a large startup. The startup that has become massive without any business experience on the part of the client will grow with help from Mike as he tells them how to manage their funding. He will show them how to hire, and he will help them build their management team. There may be quite a few people will who be hired to help steer the ship, and Mike may help find these people. He does not get involved himself. He is there to ensure the customer is pleased with their management team.


#3: Patience


The Swiss Startup Factory is quite patient with their clients, and they talk clients through the process to ensure everyone is comfortable. The process of building a new business will take some time, and Mike will wait out the process to ensure it is done properly. He has helped build many large companies, and he knows how to make each company find its niche in the their industry.


Mike Baur does amazing work at the Swiss Startup factory that ensures all his clients are given the assistance they need. They are given something that they cannot find elsewhere, and they are funded to the highest level by those Mike has chosen. He works with tireless devotion to each client, and he only stops when the company is no longer a startup with new business ideas.