Wengie Shows Us An Asian Facial Massage Trick


Including a facial massage into any skincare routine has been around for centuries and has even been apart of Japanese culture for years. Many Japanese celebrities include a facial massage as it is seen as essential. Facial massages help release toxins and possibly any fluid retention which will then firm the skin for a taut and youthful look.


Sometimes our skin needs circulation. By improving skin circulation, we can achieve a healthy glow and also fight off discoloration. This couldn’t be more true for the skin on our faces. Our face is at the forefront for things like stressors and tension, circulating the skin will help release that tension so that your skin can relax.


Wengie shows us a simple facial massage technique using a Chinese spoon and a facial massage oil or cream of your choice. If you have acne prone skin, then a facial massage gel would be better suited for your skin type. For transparency reasons, Wengie was eager to know how effective this facial massage would be. She measured her face prior to the facial massage and near the end the results were that she lost 3mm from her face the next day.


Facial massages should only last about ten minutes and no longer. Keeping a time limit on facial massages will ensure that there won’t be any skin damage. Stroking your skin with the open end of the Chinese spoon should be done firmly but not so firm that you hurt yourself or your skin. There should be enough pressure to where it feels like a massage but not so much pressure that you feel you’re scooping your skin with the Chinese spoon.


Before starting the facial massage, apply the whichever facial massage product you are using around and evenly on your face. The first place to massage is the cheek area. Lifting upward will go against gravity and help any sort of sagging or tension in the cheeks release. The end of the Chinese spoon can be used for smaller areas such as your eyelids, underneath your eyes and even around the bridge of your nose. For fluid buildup, it’s best to use downward strokes with the spoon underneath your chin and jawline. You’re pulling the fluid down so that it’s no longer building up pressure around your face.

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