The Achievements of Peter Briger as a Principal at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger serves as a Principal and Co-Chairman of the Directors board for Fortress Investment Group, a leading international investment management firm. Fortress was managing about $44 billion worth of assets as of 2010. The company offered traditional and alternative investment products. Fortress opened the doors to the public in 1998. Peter Briger served as the board member at Fortress Investment Group since 2006 and assumed the Co-Chairman position in 2009 August. He joined the committee that manages the company in 2002 and was heading the credit and Real Estate sector at Fortress Investment Group. Peter attended the Princeton University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and furthered his education in Wharton Business School in the University of Pennsylvania. Learn more about Peter Briger at Crunchbase.

Peter Briger worked in Goldman, Sachs & Co. for fifteen years among which he was made a partner in 1996. He works as a board member at Tipping Point, a San Francisco based non-profit organization that supports low-income earners families. Peter Briger is also a board member in Caliber Schools, a series of charter schools that are dedicated to making students have a successful foundation through the four-year programs in college and beyond. While working at Goldman, Sachs, Peter, he was a member of the Asian Management, Japan Executive Board, and the Global Governor and Compliance. He was focusing on Asia’s real estate sector and debt vehicles. With this great background in finance, he played a crucial role in the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by the Japanese giant Tech company SoftBank.

Under the managed of Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has expanded and grown its market and the total amount of property under management. He helped in the acquisition of companies including the 2006-2007 Ski Resort Operator based in North America, and Intrawest- a Canadian company. With the new management on board led by Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group grew and made a huge splash in 2007 when it took the middle financial stage by offering stocks with IPO. The company was the original company to start an IPO by starting its high priced and high risk-reward.



Kevin Seawright Explains the Growth in New Jersey Real Estate

New Jersey has been doing well in real estate, especially in the recent years. While most cities continue to struggle because of the mortgage crisis, this area has managed to maintain average growth in real estate. When the financial meltdown started several years ago, New Jersey was not left behind. The city suffered even more compared to other regions in the country. While still doing its best to recover and offer customers the best, the real estate industry has tried to use strategies that are effective. Kevin Seawright has been living in this part of the country for many years, and he understands the activities taking place. As a philanthropist and real estate investor in the region, Kevin has not the following about the cities in New Jersey. Find out more about  Kevin at


According to Kevin Seawright, this is considered to be one of the quiet cities that is not famous like the others in New Jersey. The town is small and also affordable, but in the recent years, most of the homes in the area have raised in value. The growth has been witnessed because the city is close to New York City where many activities take place. Most people believe that the town is affordable in housing, and this has motivated many people to visit and acquire homes.


This is one of the areas that has experienced the most growth in New Jersey. Located in a hilly region, Weehawken always gives its residents the perfect view of New York City. This place is always loved for being spacious and quiet when compared to other cities. The scenic waterfront found in this place, according to Kevin Seawright, has attracted many home buyers. People love to purchase homes in unique areas that have good scenes to look at. The city has the potential of growing in the future.