Francisco Domenech’s Political Journey

Francisco Domenech is the managing partner of Politank; a law firm that deals with government affairs. He is a passionate philanthropist who has maintained an influential role in politics for the last two decades. Through Politank Company, Domenech has supported many causes in the past few years. He is an active member of the Democratic Party, and he gained his political experience through various roles such as canvassing, fundraising, opposition research, voter registration campaign management and policy development.

His political experience and knowledge in both political and legal fields have shaped him into aasuccessful leader. Francisco was an essential element in organizing fundraisers and in presidential campaigns where he served as a campaign manager during the Democratic Party primaries. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at

Francisco Domenech’s Political Background

Before working as a presidential campaign manager of the Democratic Party, he gained his political knowledge and experience from many resources which range from policy development, fundraising, voter registration, canvassing to campaign management. The sources earned him an array of official titles and accolades. While working as the Chief Counsel of Puerto Rico, his duties included presenting the Senate’s interests, providing legal advice, supervising outside counsel and controlling in-house counsel management.

Within the first six months, Francisco became a director of the Legislative Services Office which involved the management of more than 125 staff members and approximately $12 million yearly budget. During this time, the Legislative Services department expended considerably as he increased the operation and services of the Legislative Library and streamlined the staff of over 130 employees. He also supported the access of the Legislative Library and considered more than 800 pieces of legislation.

His Role as a Campaign Manager

He was required to coordinate and control both political campaigns daily. He had to manage communications, fundraising, filed operations, monitor polling activities, implement advertisements and manage other activities that are essential in politics. He was responsible for a large number of volunteers and staffers in various departments of the campaign. It was essential for Francisco Domenech to stay organized and use his political knowledge and experience in his campaign management position. Read more:


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