Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey’s Legal Battle

Encounter with Government

Jim Larking & Michael Lacey were both executives for The Village Voice Newspaper during the time they were arrested. The newspaper had published an article talking about a grand jury that was actually investigating them. The two were active in investigating Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s aggressive law enforcement tactics.

Sheriff Joe Arapaio has been increasingly notorious for his tactics since his inauguration in 1992. Arapio was getting zero coverage from the media regarding some of his decisions and Lark & Lacey saw this as a problem.

The duo decided to cover his decisions and received feedback for this action, including attention from Sheriff Arapaio himself. Larkin & Lacey were exposing Arapaio’s tactics & decisions to the public and were receiving a lot of attention. It was at this point when they were the taken into legal custody and put under arrest. The two spent 24 days in prison. After their time in prison, they filed a lawsuit against Arapaio for his actions.

Action Against Arapaio

Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey were improsened for 24 days for their actions of of speaking out against Arapiao and his department. After their time in prison, the deuo created a formal lawsuit against Arapaio for locking them up. This lawsuit set precedence and the lawsuit led onto a settlement between the parties. The amount of the lawsuit was substantial at around 3 million dollars.

The lawsuit discovered more malpractice and abuse of power by Arapaio. Arapaio was not looked at in good light as he did in decades past. He didn’t win the next election and was later charged and received a pardon from President Trump later years later.

Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey were instrumental in unfailing the misconduct and abuse of power that Arapiao was practicing, which ultimately led to his conviction. Arapaio’s legacy will now be riddled with lawsuits and settlements, mostly in part to Larkin & Lacey.

The pardon by President Donald Trump is also telling to the acts of Sheriff Joe Arapaio. Larkin & Lacey made right what was wrong for the rights of others who were facing the abuse of power by Sheriff Joe Arapaio and his department.