Cryptocurrency Expert And Wall Street Veteran Ian King Teaches Investment Strategies

Cryptocurrency is one of the most intriguing asset classes for investors. They have seen the value of bitcoin skyrocket and many of them want to invest. But many investors feel they don’t know enough about it or understand how cryptocurrency works, so they turn to cryptocurrency expert and veteran trader Ian King for help. An experienced investor who started trading stocks while at Lafayette College working on his psychology degree, King has been involved with cryptocurrency for more than a decade. His experience with both investing and cryptocurrency make him an excellent source of information investors can trust. Visit the website to learn more.


The founder of cryptocurrency content company Intellicoins, Ian King is also an editor at Banyan Hill and writes articles for their publications Sovereign Investor Daily as well as Crypto Profit Trader. King’s work also appears in Fox Business News and Investopedia. But King’s goal wasn’t to become a writer. Fascinated by the analysis of business trends it took to become a successful investor, he had taken an internship with Merrill Lynch one summer during college. That training further ignited King’s interest in financial services and prepared him to succeed. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

The first job Ian King held in the financial services industry was with Salomon Brothers. He worked at the mortgage bond trading desk at the company where he was a clerk. King was then hired by Citigroup and worked for a number of years in the credit derivative origination department. He seemed to have a natural aptitude for the work and impressed his superiors. Ian King’s next job in the financial services industry was as head trader with the equity fund Peahi Capital which has its offices in New York City. After 10 years there making millions of dollars for his clients and himself, Ian King’s interest turned to an exciting new asset class, cryptocurrency.

King did research, spoke with techies in Silicon Valley and found out all he could about cryptocurrency. In 2013, he invested in bitcoin. Every $1,000 invested then is now worth $1.2 million. He invested in Ox, Ark, Factom Charts and other cryptocurrency related companies and saw them deliver returns of between 627% and 2,738%. Ian King has used a skill he learned working as a lifeguard in Jersey Shore growing up to make money. How to analyze a situation quickly, accurately predict the outcome and take decisive action immediately. And he teaches that skill to his readers.