Jason Halpern – Carrying Forward the Legacy of JMH Development

Jason Halpern is a dynamic real estate developer based in New York. He currently serves his family real estate development firm JMH Development as Principal. The company has already invested well over $500 Million in the real estate projects across the United States, mostly in New York. The primary focus of the company is to develop luxury housing and commercial projects to cater to the urban population and leading corporates of the city respectively.

Few of the pioneering projects of the company are located centrally in the upscale areas of Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. One of the notable projects completed by the company under the leadership and supervision of Jason Halpern was the construction of 340 luxury apartments. It was developed on 184 Kent, transformed into a luxurious residential project from what was originally a warehouse. The Cobble Hill Project that consists of 9 luxury residential townhouses, located in the Greater Brooklyn Area, is also one of the major projects undertaken by JMH Development.

JMH Development has many other residential and commercial projects spread through the New York State and continues its stream of successful development in different segments of real estate space. Jason Halpern has led many successful constructions in the developing areas of Williamsburg, Queens, and Brooklyn as well, adding considerably to the corporate and residential space in the region. JMH Development has been on the forefront of real estate construction and development that has been taking place in the New York state for over half a century. Jason Halpern is the third generation owner of the company. He is committed to the legacy the company has been following for over half a century. One of the notable achievements of the company is developing several million square feet of commercial space in the famous Westchester County, which has helped the county attract commercial success.

One of the guiding principles of Jason as well as JMH Development Inc is to respect the local culture and communities in which the company develops. Jason is also famous for his interest in the acquisition of historic properties and developing the same while harboring the traditional heritage of the buildings. It is the fusion of construction styles and adding the modern amenities and style with the luxury and charm of the old building styles in some of the development that JMH Development has undertaken that sets the company apart from its counterpart.

Apart from being a successful real estate developer, Jason Halpern is a well-known philanthropist as well. JMH Development takes corporate social responsibility seriously and is associated with the local charitable organizations to contribute to social and community welfare through monetary contributions and volunteering efforts made by the company staff. Jason Halpern is attached to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center that takes on various complex surgeries and is a level I trauma center.

Developing Solutions in Investment Plans

There are various types of investment plans. The plan depends on what the person or institution is investing. There is a difference between how companies invest and how individual invest. Companies investment involves a decision that is taken by different people. The decision is not a monogamous one. It is made to improve and grow the business. Retail companies and institutions should invest as a source of income. This will enable the institutions to be established. They will have multiple sources of income. Highland Capital management offers solutions in line with investment for such clients.

James Dondero is the chairman of Highland Capital Management. James has more than thirty years in equity and credit markets. He has worked as an analyst and has understood the different methods of investing and gaining returns. He works to encourage institutions to invest in equity markets. He approaches the institutions and educates them on the different approaches that they can use to increase income for their companies. He develops products for all institutions. This ensures that all institutions have products regardless of whether they are small or large. This enables them to access a broader market because it is a better and easier method of making money.

James Dondero’s method of creating income for institutions has worked over the years. His skills and expertise enable him to develop the best solutions for any company that is interested in generating income while investing. This has made Highland Capital Management a business leader in the industry. It has facilitated the growth of capital for business. This results in expansion. Highland Capital Management has worked with various companies that have benefited. This makes the company credible in the industry.

James Dondero inspires the community by donating funds towards educating people in different parts of the world. Highland Capital Management is a company that is dedicated to educating different people every year. James Dondero believes that education is one of the tools that is a source of freedom for individuals in the society. He is committed to investing back into the community by offering a basic resource.

Richard Mishaan Designs Demand Top Creativity On Their Projects

Richard Mishaan Design Firm is located in New York City and specializes in several different types of design work such as Architecture, Interior Design and Landscaping Architecture. From their work and experience, it is easy to see why Richard Mishaan Design has become known as a world leader in their field of work in both residential and commercial properties. Richard Mishaan Designs know no boundaries either as their client base is located all over the world with numerous projects in hotels, businesses, and homes of content customers.


Ricard Mishaan keeps himself busy. Besides being featured in numerous publishings for magazines, newspapers, and websites he has also written two books where he has shared his inspirations and creativity that have helped inspire him while working at Richard Mishaan Designs. The two books he has authored are called “Modern Luxury” and the second is called “Artfully Modern”. Both of the books express how Richard believes that all good furniture can be combined, even if they differ in style to create a master piece. He draws upon his experience that he has learned as he has journeyed around the world. He expresses some of his exquisite and unique pieces that he has created for his clients and what has helped to spark new design ideas for him too.


Richard Mishaan Design firm works one-on-one with the client and creates the most beautiful and elegant pieces of art. They touch on everything from the type of lighting and location, placement of the furniture and décor, the art on the walls. They work with the customer and clearly explain their approach, and options, prior to creating the design that works best for the customer in creating their perfect design.


With over 25 years of experience, it is no wonder that Richard Mishaan has developed a long list of happy clients that have worked with their company. To find out more about them please check out their website at www.richardmishaan.com and see what they can do for you today.



Betsy Devos the Reformer

Betsy DeVos has proven time and time again that she is a born leader. She is also a philanthropist and an advocate. Betsy is particularly involved in politics, education reform, business, and she also pioneers many battles geared towards removing social barriers. Many of her battles are also geared to creating favorable environments and enacting change in the society. Betsy is married to Dick DeVos, and together they have four children. They are also blessed with five grandchildren.Betsy Studied at Calvin College in Michigan from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. While in college she was highly involved in campus politics and she was elected to posts of leadership in the institution. Ever since that time, Betsy has never turned back from politics and leadership as she deems them as her God given purpose.

Four times, Betsy DeVos was elected the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. She has also held other political posts in the nation despite the current change of interest. Currently, Betsy states that her primary interest is educational reform. She is equally active in business as she seeks for innovative solutions that would transform the society to a better version. Case in point, Betsy, and her Husband Dick founded the Windquest Group back in 1989 where she is still the chairman. The above group focuses on investing in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing ventures that would transform the society. Betsy is also involved in community development, performing many not-for-profit roles. For example, she is the Chairman of the DeVos Family Foundation that focuses on offering charitable donations to many bodies and individuals around the world. She also leads many local and national boards like the Kids Hope U.S.A, Mars Hill Bible Church, and DeVos Institute for Arts Management. Elisabeth Betsy also chairs the American Federation for Children (AFC) and Alliance for School Choice.

In a press interview, Betsy recently confessed that she is very optimistic about the school reforms that are taking place in America. She said that the public school system has failed, resulting in the many private choice programs in American education. In the last year, she reported that the number of students in the program grew by 40, 000. Asked where she drew him inspiration from, Betsy cited the Bishop Jakes owned Potter House Christian School, which she and her husband visited when their kids were small. They noticed the sacrifices that parents made to pay for tuition in school that has safe and habitable environments for their children. The couple noticed that albeit Manu of the parents did don’t have enough money, they were afraid to educate their kids in public institutions. Consequently, the two decided to support poor children in the school and that birthed their need to partner with other similar projects.

Source of the article : http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/01/dick_and_betsy_devos_lift_the.html

InnovaCare Health Introduces New Leadership to Better the Managed Health Care System

The process of recruiting new staff is crucial to an organization’s success. External recruitment brings new ideas to the team. With new talent come higher chances of success. It also opens ways for opportunities through finding experienced as well as qualified candidates for the vacant position. The process of admitting new members in an organization also promotes a diversified team of workers. Hiring a skilled as well as an experienced external candidate also reduces the costs of training because, with a candidate who has experience, there is no need for training. This explains the current position of InnovaCare Health, a health service provider for Medicare and Advantage plans. In July 28th, 2016, InnovaCare Health announced the introduction of three new staff members.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare as a new staff member. She was appointed the chief administrative officer of the organization. Initially, Penelope was initially the chief operating officer of the company. She was also the president of clinical operations. With twenty years experience in the health care system, Penelope brings in a new experience with advanced expertise in the health care sector. She is an expert in Medicare and Medicaid program in addition to the managed care industry. Penelope has extensive knowledge as well as expertise in generating clinical programs and designs that facilitate organization infrastructure. Her primary focus is managing health care programs as well as operations.


With proper management of these programs, there will be order in the execution of services provided hence the saving of many lives in the medical sector. Penelope is all about improving efficiencies in hospitals. The alumnus of Binghamton University has served as an executive leader in many organizations. Before joining InnovaCare health, she was the chief operating officer of a health care medical provider called Centrelight. Penelope oversaw the entire management. She was in charge of developing strategic direction in the managed care division. As a new staff member in InnovaCare Health, Penelope brings twenty years experience from her previous roles. With her in the position, InnovaCare will be able to provide affordable Medicare plans for the people of Puerto Rico.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the serving president of InnovaCare Health. He is also the president. Before joining InnovaCare Health, he worked at Aveta Inc as the president and chief executive officer. Before that appointment, he was a board member of the company. He continues to guide InnovaCare is executing successful Medicare plans in Puerto Rico.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s latest Cutting-edge Invention, Critical Pathways

In 2016, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America embarked on a project together with Allscripts and NantHealth to develop a system that incorporates clinical workflow and electronic health records. The aim of the project was to develop a system that would seamlessly integrate NantHealth’s eviti solution with Allscripts’ Sunrise electronic health records. The initiative involved many professional oncologists and system developers. Finally, in February 2017, the CTCA announced the implementation of the solution.
Clinical Pathways
Clinical Pathways is the name of the new system. According to CEO of Allscripts, Paul Black, it can enhance chemotherapy treatment procedures. It as well will improve the quality patients experience at CTCA. Critical Pathways has comprehensive data on latest cancer therapies and even research results. Its evidence-based Medical Library contains over 2,700 proven treatment procedures for cancer, its subtypes, and modalities. The library includes information obtained from oncology associations, government agencies and peer reviewed literature.
System Maintenance
Critical pathways play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and uninterrupted workflow during cancer treatment. It provides all the necessary information on the level of the disease, available therapies, and drug effects and toxicity. All this information is contained in its massive library. The information in the library is maintained full time by a team comprising o oncologists, clinical informatics and oncology nurses and experts.
About the Cancer Treatment Centers of America
CTCA is a national chain of five cancer treatment hospitals in Chicago, Tulsa, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. The centers integrate evolving cancer treatment solutions with standard treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. They also provide evidence-based supportive services which enhance the physical and emotional well-being of patients.
In the past years, CTCA is one of the most reliable cancer treatment centers in the world. It encourages the involvement of the patient in the choice of the treatment procedure. Critical Pathways will undoubtedly make its services more useful.

The Development Projects of JHSF led by José AuriemoNeto

JHSF, a leading Brazilian real estate company, was founded in 1972. The high-end real estate company participates in administration and development of shopping centers and five-star hotels. The company also is involved in commercial and residential incorporation. JHSF is well known for its incredible capacity to identify viable business opportunities in regions where it operates. The company’s quality, daring, Pioneering, innovation, and capability to develop sustainable solutions for its development projects are some of the fundamental characteristics of the firm and more information click here.

Since it was established, the company has grown exponentially in different parts of Brazil such as Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. Additionally, the company operates on a global scale in other cities such as New York, Miami, Punta Del Este. JHSF is made up of four business units which are; Airport, Incorporation, Shopping Center, and Fasano Hotel and Restaurants. JHSF has been operating for more than four decades thus transforming Brazil’s real estate industry.

JHSF acquired stakes in Fasano Hotels thus becoming the first Brazilian company in the real estate sector to add hospitality to its development activities. The company has opened several shopping centers in different parts of Brazil such as Sao Paulo. Such JHSF projects improve the living standards of people living in the region due to how it integrates with the local bus terminal and the subway and learn more about Jose.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the current CEO and chairman of JHSF. Mr. Auriemo oversees the company’s interests in public, hotel and office building developments. Jose also administers JHSF’s large retail and shopping portfolio as well as the CIDADE Jardim shopping center located in Sao Paulo.

In 2009, Mr. Aureimo led the company to invest in retail by signing partnership contracts with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. The company also opened its first retail luxury brands in different parts of Brazil. The company also partnered with Valentino in 2012 and launched its first R.E.D Valentino and Valentino stores in Brazil. Mr. Auriemo is a graduate the University of Sao Paulo and Jose’s lacrosse camp.


Rocketship Education Carries On With Its Inspiring Mission

Working diligently to eradicate the achievement gap in underserved communities, Rocketship Education is making significant academic progress throughout the country.

The story of Rocketship Education began with the Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Father Mateo Sheedy in 1999 with his scholarship donation to Santa Clara University.

He was taken aback to learn none of the hundreds of children in his parish met the basic academic requirement of eligibility to attend their hometown college or any other higher level university.

As a result he began a plan that would build up enhanced educational alternatives in the Washington Guadalupe neighborhood of San Jose, California. Two educational entrepreneurs, Preston Smith and John Danner, opened the doors of the first public charter school in 2007.

Today there are 12 Rocketship schools in the San Francisco Bay area; two in Nashville, Tennessee; one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the most recent school opened in Washington, D.C.

A charter school is an independently run public school that functions without some of the regulations that are imposed on public schools. Charter schools, which can differ in design, are held responsible for academic results and for the promises made in their charter.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools where low-income students for the most part do not have access to excellent schools.

While each Rocketship schedule varies from school to school and grade level to grade level, the student’s day is similar, as students spend most of their day in a traditional classroom setting. Students receive large group instruction as well as small group and team learning and breaks are built into classes. After school programs are available at all Rocketship schools as well.

All schools have made parental involvement an essential factor of their program. Parents can join in on job interviews, volunteer in the classroom or take part in parent advisory committees.

A recent study by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University revealed students in San Jose charter schools experienced higher levels of annual growth in math and reading compared to their traditional public school peers.


Jose Henrique Borghi’s Indispensable Role in Mullen Lowe, Brasil

It is of utmost importance to acknowledge that the Brazilian Advertising Market is filled with some of the most remarkable advertising agencies in the world. A typical example of the phenomenal advertising agencies in Brazil is Mullen Lowe Brasil. It stands out for being sufficiently endowed with exceptional creativity and finesse that enables them to produce ad campaigns that are supported and embraced globally.

This Ad Agency came into existence as a result of the amalgamation between two major advertising agencies in 2012. These were the National Borghierh Creative Intelligence and the Lowe Multinational. This merger prompted the agency to be named Borghi Lowe. The company further underwent transitional adjustments in 2015 when it merged with USA’s Mullen Advertising Agency thus adopting the name the Mullen Lowe Brasil.

In respect of the impeccable status that the agency had acquired, it is noteworthy that its leadership had to be extremely on point. The agency needed a shrewd, competent and diligent leadership and they found it prudence to appoint Jose Henrique Borghi as the Chief Executive Officer.

Jose Henrique Borghi is a man of tremendous experience as he has served in top positions of various agencies. He is a man whose great reputation proceeds and talent has made him play an indispensable role in every agency in which he serves. He served as the president of Leo Burnett Agency in 2002 before he formed the Creative Intelligence Agency which he later merged with Erh Ray. At Mullen Lowe Brasil, Jose Henrique Borghi is tasked with a series of functions, including facilitating public relations, mobile and digital marketing, social media oversight and design planning.

Essentially, the crux of the Mullen Lowe Brazil’s services revolves around Jose Henrique Borghi. His multi-talented nature enables him to use the requisite elements of advertising in order to create magnificent advertising campaigns.

Respecting Jose Henrique Borghi: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017864474120

Jay Z and Desiree Perez Sit Down with UMG to Discuss Future

Is there a bigger name in the hip hop community than Jay Z? Jay Z has been one of the most iconic and best selling rap artists in the past several decades and now it looks like his career is about to hit a new high with a major payday. Ten years ago Jay Z signed a huge deal with Live Nation: a 10 year, $150 million contract that embraced all of Jay Z’s live shows, touring profits, and recorded music. That deal is coming to an end and now Jay Z gets the opportunity to pick his next destination. Will this hip hop mogul take another huge step?  Hit on pagesix.com for related article.

Jay Z and his business partner and long time friend, Desiree Perez, were seen in Santa Monica, CA having a sit down dinner with Sir Lucian Grainge. If the name isn’t familiar to you, Sir Lucian Graine is the CEO at Universal Music Group. The sit down meeting was supposedly purely casual but it really is hard to buy into that PR spin, at least in the wake of Jay Z’s contract coming to an end and the obvious fact that he will be shopping for a new deal.  More to read on igstars.com

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If Desiree Perez and Jay Z guide their work with Roc Nation toward Universal Music Group then Jay Z could be in for a huge payday. The team of artists at Roc Nation is huge already and the added push of UMG could end up being a game changer in the music market.  Click on imdb.com to read more about Dez.  Still, there are no sure things and Jay Z might not even be leaving his contract with Live Nation. Live Nation has, so far, gone on record as saying they aren’t interested in representing Jay Z’s recorded music but they would still be interested in making a deal for his touring rights.  Head over to hitsdailydouble.com for additional article to read.

Visit http://www.apple.com/music/ for a glimpse of the music streaming world.