Class Dojo Introduces Animated Video Clips for Comprehension of Mindset Development



In January 2016, Class Dojo released a series of video clips to provide understanding of mindset development to parents, teachers, and students, according to EdSurge. The first video concentrates on mindset growth with the concept that development happens overtime with motivation and encouragement. Each clip includes a discussion guide for parents to use at home, and for teachers to use in the classroom. These animated video clips are available on You Tube and Class Dojo′s website, Big Ideas. The interactive cartoonish characters are compared to Pixar′s animated characters.


Class Dojo partnered with educational researchers and the Project for Education Research That Scales, a research program that studies motivation and resilience of children. Stanford University Psychology Professor & Researcher, Carol Dweck and Class Dojo created the mindset development video clips. It’s estimated that two in three schools in the United States are using the videos and the Class Dojo App in the classrooms at public, private and chartered schools. Researchers believe the mindset development approach is effective with positive encouragement. Carol Dweck has studied growth mindset for many years and believes the videos will help parents and teachers relay the lessons to children.


Project for Education Research That Scales program offers a tool online that contains mindset growth lesson plans and exercises for teachers and parents to introduce to students. Teachers are being surveyed in U.S. schools and asked questions about the engagement of students and methods used to help students understand the lessons. The data collected from the surveys comprise of influence techniques to engage students and different teaching methods teachers use. If the research study concludes the videos are successful in the classroom, there is the possibility the videos and Class Dojo will eventually generate revenue.


Class Dojo is an online educational and communicative app with features, including a teacher, student, & parent community forum, and camera. Founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded Class Dojo, in 2011. They have raised millions of dollars in capital to launch the app and to develop a new feature for processing payments online. Parents will be able to pay for lunches, activities, supplies, and other school functions. The app is free to all U.S. teachers who work in chartered, public, and private schools.

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