How JeanMarie Guenot Is Transforming The Way We Treat Cancer

For all of modern medicine’s many advancements one of the diseases that continues to elude scientists and oncologists is finding more acute treatments for cancer on Whether due to environmental or genetic factors cancer has ravaged many demographics in the United States and the world causing far too many people to succumb to diseases like breast cancer, lung cancer or prostate cancer. For too many people cancer remains a death sentence. Fortunately there are highly trained scientists and biomedical organizations that are working tirelessly to ensure that cancer becomes a more treatable, manageable and less lethal disease. One of those scientists is Jeanmarie Guenot, a scientist who currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the scientific research company Amphivena Therapeutics Inc.

While the name Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. may seem as though it could belong to a company that is involved in the business of delivering organic skincare Guenot’s company actually does work that is much more complex and distinctive than that. Her company is involved in the research and development of treatments that can cure blood cancers. Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. is engaged in research that is on the cutting edge of cancer treatment. Her company is seeking to develop cancer treatment options that set it apart from the other options that are currently available to patients who are diagnosed with a blood cancer like Leukemia, Myeloma or Lymphoma.

Rather than having to rely on treating a blood cancer through chemotherapy, a treatment that can have other negative side effects on a patient, Jeanmarie Guenot’s company Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. seeks to treat blood cancer much differently. Amphivena Therapeutics Inc.’s approach to treating blood cancer is much different from the cancer treatments that are currently considered to be the standard in that its therapies seeks to leverage the capacity of the cancer patient’s immune system to attack and eradicate cancerous cells. The blood cancer treatment that the company is currently developing seeks to restore the ability of a patient’s body to properly form and circulate blood.

Before launching Amphivena Therapeutics inc. JeanMarie Guenot worked in the world of venture capital as well as the research and development field. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco.

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