The Man Behind Capital Group’s Success

The Success of Capital Group, a top leader in the investment management sector, goes Timothy Armour.

Timothy Armour is an economics graduate from Middlebury College in Velmont. He started his career by taking part in the Associates Program at Capital Group. He has been at Capital Group for nearly 33 years and after his dedication to the organization he was named its chairman on July 28, 2015. This was after the passing of Jim Rothenberg who died of a heart attack.

Mr Armour has been passionate in leading Capital Group and he is willing to pass his wisdom and advice onto others. In a piece that he wrote for the Wall Street Journal in 2015, he advised investors not to settle for less; but, instead to search for active managers that would do a comprehensive research and ensure their companies obtain above-average market revenues.

Warren Buffet bets $ 1 million to charity that he can acquire better investment incomes than an army of hedge fund managers by investing in an S & P passive index fund. His approach has been successful in the past and seems the best way to go by committing to low cost, simple investments that need to be acquired and held for a long period.

Moreover, passive index returns are the safest route to a fulfilling retirement. Although, there is no way that one can know the outperforming funds, one can use the two simple filters, high manager ownership and low expenses. This means one would have to get rid of these high cost funds and find a group of fund managers that will invest their own cash along with the fund investors resulting in above average market returns.

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