Engineering Career That Includes Training

Wessex Institute of Technology is a group that focuses on exchange of information between the professional and academic users within the international scientific community. They’re currently looking for new candidates that want to work towards the same goal.


The Wessex Institute offers various classes and courses that are sure to turn you into a WIT trained researcher. Once you’ve been trained, you’ll then work supervised with visitors helping them with projects on a daily basis.


Wessex Institute of Technology achievements are so popular that other organizations have taken notice and helped with research funds. This allows their researchers to work on more high end projects. Their graduates who hold positions in both the industry and academic fields have made WIT one of the top engineering institutes out right now.


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The Real Estate Firm, Boraie Development and Its Vice President, Sam Boraie Making Headlines

Sam Boraie is the son of the real estate mogul, Omar Boraie. The Boraie’s are very popular in New Jersey. In the 1960s, New Brunswick became a hub for selling drugs; as a result, many people moved to the suburbs. But for the patriarch Omar Boraie, this was an opportunity to invest in real estate. In case you didn’t know, he was among the first people to purchase property in the crime-infested downtown region of New Brunswick. See,

He established Boraie Development to help in revitalizing the city. Boraie Development is a New Jersey-based company that offers a broad range of services focusing on all aspects of the urban real estate sector including property management, development, and sales and marketing. The firm under Sam’s leadership offers clients unrivaled services; their outstanding properties say it all.

Boraie Development has made a name for itself among the most sought New Jersey developers. According to, with a 30-year track record in development, the company aims at creating outstanding properties that attract tenants as well as investors.

The company’s projects

Since its inception, the organization has completed numerous projects. Also, it has several projects that are underway.

Completed projects

The Aspire – This 238-unit high-rise complex boasts of luxury featuring amenities such as a 24-hour fitness center with the latest equipment, rooftops decks with grills, and an indoor entertainment area which includes large screen TV’s, a pool table a catering kitchen, and an outdoor terrace. This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Boraie Development and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

One Spring Street – This was the first major residential project in New Brunswick. It is a 25-story, mixed used space of 400,000 square feet that features a roof deck health club, and other amenities.

The Beach at South Inlet – This five-story, mixed use complex has 250 apartment units. It features privatized parking, outdoor communal spaces, a community pool, and retail shopping venues.

Albany St. Plaza – This project in the downtown area features 250,000 sq ft of office space and 20,000 sq ft of retail space.

Ongoing projects

Apart from the completed projects, the company is also undertaking other impressive projects. Some of them include The Rector (a 26-story building with residential units), The Estates at Waverly Place (the project will result in seven custom homes once completed).

Sam Boraie’s community involvement

For several years Sam Boraie has taken part in rebuilding New Brunswick’s property market. He heads the company’s business development division. Sam has spearheaded numerous acquisitions which have made the firm more vibrant. He has used his exceptional marketing skills to sell most of the firm’s projects.

Besides his corporate duties, he is also a known philanthropist who supports charitable initiatives. He donates to the State Theatre of New Jersey and Elijah’s Promise.


Though Leader Rona Borre’s Formula For Success

Rona Borre's Instant Alliance
Rona Borre’s Instant Alliance

Rona Borre, CEO and founder of Chicago-based Instant Alliance is always on the lookout for technical consultants with the latest skills to fill contract positions with her clients nationwide. Being able to provide high demand talent immediately sets Instance Alliance apart from other IT staffing firms, as Borre realizes that clients prefer to see an instant impact on the effectiveness of the platforms that they have invested a great deal of money in already. Instant Alliance also works with client’s HR departments to fill permanent positions, ensuring candidates are a good fit for the company, which leads to higher retention rates.


Borre’s skill at matching both tech and finance professionals with clients has earned her recognition as a thought leader in the staffing industry with major media outlets, although her premise is really quite simple. Borre understands her client’s organizational culture as well as their technical needs, and then select candidates that have the correct skill set and the personality to be socially compatible with the client’s existing talent.


When the National Federation of Independent Business published a story about how Chicago is becoming a destination for tech businesses, they went straight to Borre, who said that before 2013, the majority of her clients were major firms, such as Allstate and United Airlines, however, now, her clients now include startups and small businesses who are desperate for .NET and Java developers and other skilled tech workers. Fortunately, Borre is in the ideal position to fulfill their needs. Read more,


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Ascendant Capital; creating the right opportunity for investment

When you are looking to build wealth, you need to have the right team working with you. Ascendant Capital is the right company that you and your business can partner with.



This is a company that provides alternative investment options that you can benefit from. They mainly focus on income providing strategies. You can be assured that the information that the company provides you with is factual. This is because they are committed to understanding the market.



The company has a wide clientele who are looking for income generating investment opportunities. They advise them on different elements including; market positioning, capital market process, fund structuring, partnership terms and conditions among others.



It offers three different strategies to their clients that include; Real estate, private equity, and hedge funds.



The process



The company follows an established process;



v Product process; assess the client’s needs



v Due diligence; they offer consulting services



v Compliance



v Marketing services



v Sales education and support



v Client relations



Ascendant Capital is a branch office of the Axiom Capital Management. Ascendant offers securities through the company



About Jeffry Schneider



Jeffry Schneider was the founder of the Ascendant Capital LLC in 2012. This is a branch of the Axiom Capital Management that was founded in 2002. Under his management, the company has achieved great success. Today, the company has over 50 employees. The company has also managed to rise over $1 billion on behalf over their different clients. It has a company that has managed to employ over 250 investment advisors. The company is expected to grow to $50 million every month in revenue.



He believes that alternative market is what people need to reduce the market volatility and that is way his company offers different alternative investment strategies.



Before he joined the company, he was working at the Axiom Capital Management. He was with the company for two years before joining the Ascendant Capital.



He also founded the Paradigm Global Advisors in 2004. He worked with the company for three years before leaving in 2008. Another company that he founded is the Alternative Investments in 2006.



He holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts.



Skills and interests



He has developed different skills including;



v Alternative investments



v Hedge funds



v Capital Markets



v Venture capital



v Investment banking



v Private Equity



v Financial advisory



v Securities



In addition to being an entrepreneur, he has other interests that include leadership, marathon, and volunteering and traveling having traveled to a number of countries in Europe and South America. He also enjoys spending time with his family. He has also supported different charities like the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Children’s home and the Wonders and worries.


How Does Mike Baur Serve His Startup Clients?

Mike Baur is a strong advocate for small businesses for some time, and he works with startups every day to ensure they are funded and managed properly. There are quite a few people who come to the Swiss Startup Factory every year for service, and this article explains how Mike offers services to his clients that are helpful as their businesses grow. There are many phases a startup must go through, and Mike helps everyone through each step.


#1: Funding For The Idea


Those who come to Mike for assistance are looking for funding that will help them get their ideas off the ground. Their ideas are powerful when they are funded well, and Mike will help his clients ensure their ideas are heard and seen. He will bring in partners who will fund each project, and they will become partners of the projects that will remain with the startups for some time.


#2: How Does Mike Guide Managers?


Mike is a lovely guide for managers because he knows how to manage a large startup. The startup that has become massive without any business experience on the part of the client will grow with help from Mike as he tells them how to manage their funding. He will show them how to hire, and he will help them build their management team. There may be quite a few people will who be hired to help steer the ship, and Mike may help find these people. He does not get involved himself. He is there to ensure the customer is pleased with their management team.


#3: Patience


The Swiss Startup Factory is quite patient with their clients, and they talk clients through the process to ensure everyone is comfortable. The process of building a new business will take some time, and Mike will wait out the process to ensure it is done properly. He has helped build many large companies, and he knows how to make each company find its niche in the their industry.


Mike Baur does amazing work at the Swiss Startup factory that ensures all his clients are given the assistance they need. They are given something that they cannot find elsewhere, and they are funded to the highest level by those Mike has chosen. He works with tireless devotion to each client, and he only stops when the company is no longer a startup with new business ideas.


A First Impression Can Make Or Break Your Reputation

The days of being able to bombard your customers with commercials and interrupted advertising are over. Consumers are tuning out those types of messages. The old push economy is rapidly dying out and is being replaced with a more consumer-eccentric pull economy.

Consumers are now going online and reading reviews and gathering recommendations before making a buying decision. What they see first about your company becomes your reputation. Online reputation management is not just for celebrities and large corporations anymore. With the popularity of review sites like Yelp! local businesses can be helped or hurt by their online reputation.

What Makes A Reputation?

As mentioned before, Online Reputation Reviews about your business will go a long way to helping your reputation. Even bad reviews can be turned into a positive if handled the right way. Do not shy away from responding to negative reviews. Try to resolve them as quickly as possible. When other consumers see that you make an effort to resolve complaints and ensure that every customer is satisfied you will be viewed as an honest, trustworthy business.

Another facet of your reputation is your social media presence. Engaging with your customers via social media is an excellent way to keep your up to date on the wants and desires of your customers. Many smart businesses are using social media as an extension of their customer service department.

Reputation Management Is A Continuous Process

Online reputation management is not a one-time exercise. Your business needs to monitor your reputation on a daily basis. Set up a Google alert for your company name to see what is being said about you on the Internet. This will give you the opportunity to head off any negative mentions and amplify those positive stories about your company.

Marketing and customer service need to work together to ensure that a consistent message reaches the consumer and that your company reacts in a similar manner.

Businesses and individuals need to view online reputation management as an integral part of the new pull economy. With the whole organization focused on reputation your first impression ana customer will be a positive one.