Dog Food’s like Beneful are upping the premium pet food market

The 23.7 billion dollar pet food market is being taken by storm with premium dog food sales surging as producers scurry for the latest recipes and innovations that will capture the hearts and wallets of loving dog owners. Dog food companies have been blending real-food ingredients such as salmon, chicken, and lamb into their “organic” grain-free chow for decades, but the traditional pet food companies are having to step up their marketing efforts in order to compete with strong boutique upstarts that have taken the premium market to a whole new level. There are all sorts of customized pet food fashions emerging as the competition grows stronger. Foods made without any artificial colors or flavors are just the start, then of course there are trends such as personalized blends for dogs of a certain age, weight category, or even particular breed specific foods. One such trend is the “I’ll have what your having” foods, which are foods designed to mimick what the owner is eating. This movement into feeing pets with the same care and attention as human beings receive with their diets is no more evident than with the “farm-to-table” foods being made with an eye on freshness and the use of game meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Purina one of the countries leading pet food producers, has been on the forefront of this ever-evolving and improving industry. Their Beneful line of foods is receiving enormous support through customer reviews. Beneful was designed to tap into the emerging premium market and provide dog owners the opportunity to give their dogs antioxidant-rich foods with real ingredients. The Beneful dry food “Originals” line has the option of real beef, reel chicken, or real salmon and is blended with high quality produce such as spinach, peas, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, green beens, and sweet potatoes. Beneful also has cleverly created blends for weight control and optimum nutrition with their calorie-smart “Healthy Weight” blend. Their premium dry food puppy formula is accented with essential nutrients such as DHA to support vision and brain development. They have even created a special food for active dogs in their prime that need extra protein rich meals that contains real beef and eggs. All the innovation and research that they are doing at Purina for Beneful is just an example of the quality and attention to detail that is now being required by pet owners.

A Mystery Investor Gives FreedomPop Money To Launch New International Products

Only after six months after raising $30 million, Freedompop has raised another $50 million. The plans for the money are rather simple. FreedomPop will now be able to launch a new line of international products. These products include hotspots located within 25 countries. After a setup fee of $49.99, users will get unlimited data use within the 25 countries. Another product is a SIM that will allow users to receive free data and calls on their mobile device. The first SIM will cover areas in Europe for $10.

FreedomPop first expanded into the international market through the UK and according to Stephen Stokol, FreedomPop’s co-owner and CEO, states that the market is growing and doing well. The plan is to be fully functional into another market by the middle of the this year. Next countries on the list are France, Germany, and Italy.

There is some question around why the mystery investor wishes not to be revealed. According to Stokol’s the investor may be interested in integrating them with another company that the investor is trying to acquire. It has been mentioned that other company is Uber.

FreedomPop started in 2011 and their mission was to be able to provide free and fast mobile services to everyone in the United States. By the end of 2012, FreedomPop was able to convert 20% percent of its free use customers to paying customers. Now, there are roughly 10 million hotspots across the United States that users can tap into for a fee of $5.00 a month.

FreedomPop has been very successful at raising money, which as allowed them to expand their product line and they now sell phones and other mobile devices for their customers to purchase. Their services include voicemail, text, along with data services. The last year was spent expanding into the international market and with their new inventor, that market will continue to grow.

What George Soros Thinks Of Donald Trump

George Soros is no doubt the world’s richest hedge fund manager. He is also a center of attraction whenever he gives his opinion on matters political and financial. Many recognized him when he made a billion dollars by breaking the Bank of England back in 1992. Although he has almost retired, his opinions and analysis still have a very big effect to the markets. George Soros is always never short of words for matters political in the United States scene through his support mainly is for liberal candidates and their causes.

At the recently concluded World Economic Forum, he managed to have an interview with Bloomberg TV and created headlines on both the political and global markets scenes. In particular, he said that US Presidential Republican candidate, Donald Trump is working for ISIS. He said that the immigrant propaganda that Trump has been preaching will backfire for him come the polls. He also predicted that Hilary Clinton will win the election on a landslide.

He said the Trump’s propaganda is lethal in the essence that it might convince Muslims that terrorism is the only alternative. He also said that the rise of ISIS has created a very serious crisis for Europe and was happy that countries like Germany and others have come together to integrate immigrants. Although many dismiss his political prognostications, when it comes to matters investigations, central banks and the global economy, he is a must listen regardless of the political affiliation that one has.

He was born in Budapest in 1930 and is the Founder as well as the Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC. He belongs to the creme de la creme of history’s most successful financiers and his views on investing as well as economic issues have a very wide following globally. He is actively involved in philanthropy work and is the founder of the Open Society organization.

As written on his website, the organization has on the past been involved in a lot of causes like supporting scholarships for black students in South Africa as well supporting causes for equality and human rights all over the globe. Soros attributes his success in the financial markets to hard work and says that after he retires, he would love to see others take his place and continue to grow the legacy. He is a firm believer that when talent is tapped early enough, it can grow to become big and beneficial not just to the individual, but to the society at large.

Marcio Alaor Gains Recognition in his Homeland and Elaborates on CES 2016 News

A food court named Marcio de Araujo Alaor was opened during the Expose Samonte. The ceremony was held in honor of Marcio Alaor contribution to the Santo Antonio do Monte community. The board noted his friendliness and heart of giving had brought joy to the rural people. President of the Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian, thanked Marcio for the things that he had done for the city. He noted that the Rural Union had many ideas on the ways of helping the farmers and that the ideas could be actualized through his support, City Hall, and the House.
Luis Antonio Resende thanked Marcio Alaor on behalf of the City Council. He pointed out that Marcio Alaor had never declined a request from the Santo Antonio do Monte community. He echoed Vilmar Octavian’s words that Marcio Alaor had helped the city compared to politicians, yet he was not vying for any political office.
Wilmar Son, the mayor, remembered how the shed was a deposit for grains and now had been turned to a food court. According to him, the food court emblems the dreams of many in the city. He also added that Marcio Alaor had never closed his doors to the projects of Santo Antonio do Monte for he has always been around to render his support. Wilmar noted that Marcio was worth the homage.
Marcio Alaor said that he was very lucky and emphasized that the gratitude from the people had given him a feeling of nourishment. He remembered the affection Dr. Wilmar had for him by giving him more shoes to shine even when they were clean because he knew he needed money. Dr. Wilmar advised him never to forget his roots. He promised to continue supporting his homeland in any way he could while keeping the relations and friendship he had built with the people of Santo Antonio do Monte.
Recently, the vice president of BMG gave his account of the news from the CES technology affair 2016. According to him, drone with a passenger space, electric cars as well as everyday items fitted with camera made the headlines. Drone got the biggest applaud with its pre- programming technology that allows one to sit and enjoy the trip. The drone from Ehang has a 23 minute flight capacity and can reach heights of 3.5 kilometers. This information was mentioned on Exame.
Additionally, Marcio Alaor gave his view on what makes the Australian economy an exception to the global financial crisis. According to Marcio Alaor, the country has caught the attention of many economists. Its economy grew by 2.5% in the fourth quarter of 2015 marking 25 years with no recession. Marcio Alaor attributes this growth to the policies put in place after the GDP shrunk in the early 1990s. With these policies, Australia is able to control inflation, regulate the interest rates, and expand its economy even during instability in the market.

Care About The Importance Of High Quality Doggie Food

There was a fabulous article in the Daily Herald worth reading. The vet that I work with mentioned it in one of our meetings recently and since a serve my golden, high quality Beneful already I was happy to raise my hand and say that I am one step ahead of the game. I was able to tell the other office staff just how high quality is better than great for everyone to be feeding their dog. It means that I will now have my little guy around much longer than I once thought. There is something important about choosing a great piece of food from Beneful on facebook which, is something I never realized was even possible for my dog.

I went right out and wrote about it in my blog as I wanted the world to know that their dog is in much better shape by giving their dog the best food out there, Beneful. I was able to get a super response which, means I have many friends going with it as a brand which, makes me more than happy. There is something to be said when it comes to the piece of mind that I have about my awesome pup. He is a huge part of my life and I need to make sure that he stay healthy as can be. There is nothing better than having confidence in a place like that. Beneful gets all our confidence and now we also keep some there at the vets office in case we want to recommend and send it home with someone that we do care about. 

The Rise And Fall Of Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius captivated audiences from around the world when he competed in several Paralympics and the men’s 2012 Summer Olympics as a runner. What made him so famous was his disability. Oscar Pistorius is a double amputee. He went on later to capture infamy instead of fame when he was charged with the murder of Reena Steevekamp. She was his girlfriend at the time, and the shooting took place inside of his home. Along with the murder charge, he faced several other gun charges. His case went in front of Judge Thokozile Masipa in the High Court of South Africa in early March of 2014, and the trial went on until the middle of September the same year.

Oscar Pistorius admitted he shot Reeva Steenkamp, but the trial focused on the circumstances because he claimed it was an accident. He stated several times he thought she was an intruder. Judge Thokozile Masipa found Oscar Pistorius not guilty for the murder charge of his former girlfriend, but he was found guilty of reckless endangerment of a firearm, and the judge found him guilty of the culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp. He received the maximum penalty for her culpable homicide, which is five years in South Africa, and he received a suspended sentence for the gun charge of three years to be run concurrently with his five year sentence, which means he would be serving both sentences simultaneously. He received his sentences on October 21, 2014.

There was a great deal of public backlash after the sentencing. He had his supporters, but the public felt five years for the death of Reeva Steenkamp was ridiculous. He fell quickly from being a media darling to being one of the most hated social pariahs in South Africa.

Brenda Wardle was on hand constantly to cover and interpret the happenings during the Oscar Pistorius fiasco and trial. Since it took place in South Africa, a capable legal mind like hers was needed to interpret things step-by-step because of the huge global audience. As a world renowned legal analyst, Brenda Wardle’s insight was considered to be invaluable by the public following the unfortunate saga.

Brenda Wardle is also a more than capable legal analyst. She has been practicing law for decades in South Africa and has multiple law degrees in three different areas. She has dedicated her life to studying and perfecting her passion, and she has developed a famous keen legal intellect.

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Self Proclaimed Lacrosse Nut Turns Into Cat Protector And Music Artist

We all develop interests in life. Some people dedicate their lives to one interest while others cultivate several interests and turn them into passions. Passions are a form of love that expands our thoughts and highlight our experiences. As we age, we take ownership of them. In fact, they become a distinct part of who we are.

Everyone is passionate about something, and we usually share that passion with others in some way. One Denver pilot is sharing his love of cats and his love of photography with others, and people are responding. Jon Urbana, the Villanova University Lacrosse star and Denver native, has several passions that he wants to share with the world, and the world is watching him.

Jon recently established a CrowdRise Fund and a GoFundMe Fund to promote his love of cats. Urbana founded Denver’s Animal Rescue and Adoption Society to protect cats from the abusive behavior that costs more than a million cats a year their lives. Urbana’s Animal Rescue and Adoption Society finds homes for stray and homeless cats and gives them a place to stay while they wait to be adopted.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana also established a lacrosse camp for kids in the Denver area. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp is helping promote the sport of Lacrosse by teaching young players the art of the game. Jon played Lacrosse in high school, and he made a name for himself as a top player. He decided to play for Villanova University, and he has never stopped playing the game. He earned a degree in economics in college, and he is using what he learned now by helping a Danish company establish an American presence.

Photography is another Jon Urbana passion. Jon’s nature shots awaken a connection that we innately have with the plants and animals that share this planet with us.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

The self-proclaimed Lacrosse nut’s love of music and flying give Urbana a chance to lose himself in a song or the freedom of flight. Whatever Urbana does he does with conviction, pride, and caring. Urbana is helping people see that being passionate is a trait that brings people together.

Here’s Swan Song, remixed by Jon Urbana. Get more of his music on MTV or at Soundcloud.

The 990 Company Helps Buyers and Sellers

When buying or selling a house, it is important to get help during the process. The right kind of help is vital. People need someone on their side who can assist them in going through the process easily and without a problem of any kind. During this time, a skilled real estate agent can be a great asset. Skilled real estate agents assist their clients as they work through the process of locating the right house in the right neighborhood for their needs. They also help someone who is selling a house to make sure that the seller is able to sell their house as quickly as necessary and for a price they find ideal for their needs.

Skilled real estate professionals such as Greg D. Hague can help all the people involved in any real estate transaction feel confident they have emerged with the best possible deal. Hague knows that both buyers and sellers look to people like him for the kind of assistance they need as they sort through their various potential options on the market at any given time. He also knows that buyers and sellers alike to him for assistance as they meet in local area real estate market.

These kinds of insights have helped make Hague one of the nation’s most trusted real estate professionals. It has also helped his company serve the needs of their clients very well. The 990 sells homes Company is a company that was founded to provide for the needs of clients who want to sell their houses and need someone on their side who knows the very best possible way to do so. The company that Hague helped found has gone on to a great deal of success and allowed clients everywhere to have the satisfaction of having someone on their side who can provide for their needs at all times.

Here, buyers and sellers alike will find many devoted professionals who know the area market and understand exactly how to connect buyers and sellers to the mutual satisfaction of both. They know that they can someone on their side who will be able to help them spot the right kind of house for their needs or the right kind of buyer who can buy their house at a price they find agreeable. The company is carefully run by professionals who have many years of experience in the field and have done much to help many people connect. Company officials know that both parties turn to them for leadership during the process of buying a house. This is why they do their best to stay on top of the market and provide current and accurate information to all of their clients.

The Drama of Daytime Soap: One Life To Live

Soap opera’s were the reality shows of the past. You could turn on your TV and watch actors and actresses kill each other, have affairs, steal and cheat, have babies, divorce and then remarry. Then if they were killed off the soap, they could come back alive, babies grew up in 5 years time…it went on and on, but this is the stuff that reality shows of today are made of.

One of the longest running soaps was One Life To Live that was on TV for over 43 years. Filmed on location in New York City, many well known actors and actresses made their debut and came to fame working on this soap.

One Life To Live was based on the Lord family dynasty in a make believe town called Landview, Pennsylvania. OLTL was one of the first soaps that focused on people from all types of different backgrounds including race, religion, and sexuality.

One Life To Live was created by Agnes Nixon and was broadcast on the ABC network and was the only soap that was still filmed in New York when it was cancelled.

Popular Instagram celeb Crystal Hunt was a young actress who came to One Life To Live from another soap, The Guiding Light. She played the part of Stacy Morasco, a Las Vegas stripper, for a three year stretch, beginning in 2009. Crystal played the part of the vixen very well and tried her best to break up her sister and boyfriend, as she wanted him for her own. Her character was killed off and then came back on OLTL as a ghost.

Wikipedia shows that Crystal started early in life by participating in beauty pageants at the age of 2 years old. She began her career in TV by accident, a story that she’s recalled on Facebook a few times with fans. A scouting agent happened to see her and then was able to get her a part on the soap, The Guiding Light, where she stayed for 3 years. She then branched out to work in primetime films made for TV and motion pictures. Her career has been varied and full. She was able to produced her first film with her friend, Dania Ramirez. Crystal is now working with some major well known actresses on a PrimeTime reality show called, Queens of Drama.

Soap opera’s are fun, engaging, and can help you forget what is going on around the world with their crazy and zany plot lines. Tune in today!

Varieties Of Beneful Wet Dog Food

The company that makes Beneful dog food provides the food in both wet and dry varieties. They have been able to make varieties that are great for dogs and provide them with the flavor that they crave. As a company, Beneful has made many different products in their wet food category for dogs who love flavor as much as their owners love them to be healthy. In the chopped blends category, the dog food comes in salmon, turkey, chicken and beef. These are made with the best vegetable and meat ingredients. They are made for dogs who do not mind their wet food being in chunks. Similar to how dry dog food is, it is chunked up and is able to be mixed together easily. It is not compact and blended together in the way that other types of wet dog food is found. It is an ideal solution for smaller dogs who cannot handle dry dog food, but who don’t want to eat the mush of typical wet food. The other variety of wet dog food they carry is the medley types. These come in different styles. Romana, Tuscany and Mediterranean are the three that owners can choose from. They are easy for the dogs to eat and have great flavor for dogs who want more from their dog food. They are ideal for any type of dog. Dry dog food is another major category that is offered by Beneful. The original and incredibites are made for dogs who do not have any special dietary needs. They are jam packed with nutrients and are a perfect low maintenance food. They taste great and provide your dog with everything that is needed in the diet. As the names imply, they are original varieties of dog food. If your dog has special dietary needs, they will be able to benefit from the other types of dry dog food offered on Facebook by Beneful. Puppies, active dogs and dogs who do not get much exercise all will find something to eat with Beneful. The playful life, puppy and healthy weight varieties are made for these dogs. They are tailored specifically to the needs of the dogs they are created for and should only be used for these types of dogs. With the puppy food, dogs will be able to make a smooth transition after the one year on puppy food because the adult dog food has a similar flavor.