Jason Derulo Lets Fans Hear Album Early

When fans visit the JasonDerulo.MTV.com website they get a chance to hear the Jason Derulo album early. This is one of the albums that getting a lot of buzz already, so people are interested in streaming this to see what it will sound like.

Derulo has been on a hot streak lately. After breaking up with Jordin Sparks he has proven that he could do what no one thought that he could do. He has become a star with a hot single. In the past he was someone that just didn’t have a huge success. He has a pop audience, but a black man with a pop audience is sort of limited. He tried his hand in R&B, but this proved to be wrong for his as well. Now he is back into the pop scene and he seems to be enjoying success again.

Fans like Brian Torchin agree that what makes him big in the pop scene is dancing. He is like a clean cut version of Chris Brown. He dances and sings, but the doesn’t have the same rowdy behavior that Chris Brown has been known for. Right now his fans are streaming his album and listening to all that he is bringing forth. This is a great time for him because he is back on top. Some people didn’t like to see him break from Sparks, but lots of females are happy that Derulo is single again.

Rihanna Brings Back Style Trends From The 2000’s

Everyone knows that celebrities help to propel fashion and style trends. If a celebrity wears something today, especially if it’s at an awards ceremony, the world will be wearing it tomorrow. Rihanna’s Style Trends. Any time a celebrity puts something on, there are designers just waiting for someone to ask for the same outfit. Dresses are incredibly popular as well, and if a celebrity wears a name brand dress, designers will try to imitate the dress. Rihanna does a great job of propelling people to embrace different styles.

Rihanna has brought back some of the clothing trends from the 2000’s, and she may end up being the reason that many others start visiting these trends all over again. Some of the trends that came from the 2000’s were pointed heels and low rise jeans as well as sweatsuits from Juicy Couture. Rihanna doesn’t care what other people think about her style and she proved it. Rihanna came to Met Gala this year in an an extremely long yellow dress with a massive train. The dress gained a lot of attention, but not all the attention was positive, but Rihanna could have cared less.

Rihanna even took a picture of herself wearing super wide leg jeans that were even bigger than bell bottoms ever were. As noted on Teses, Gianfrancesco Genoso says it turns out the jeans are coming back in style, and the jeans are being manufactured again, so Rihanna helped to kick off the revival of this trend.

Taylor Swift Shows More Skin Than Usual

PrNewswire suggested Taylor Swift has always been known as a nice and classy girl. During the course of her career, she has maintained a dignified appearance, and many parents were happy that their children listened to Taylor. However, Taylor Swift’s image is changing.

During the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift wore a revealing a white dress that showed more than usual. Apparently, Taylor Swift is becoming a woman, and she wants the world to know it. Many people are hoping that Taylor Swift does not go down the path of many other celebrities. Music artists like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have completely fallen off track. Bieber and Cyrus have had tremendous amount of controversy surrounding their careers. However, Taylor Swift has stayed away from scandalous moments.

Sadly, Taylor Swift fans are noticing a change, and fans are hoping the Taylor does not lose her self-respect. Aside from her attire at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift showed much more skin in a recent music video. Swift collaborated with renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar, and the title of the track is ‘Bad Blood.’ In the video for the song, Taylor Swift appeared in tight skirts, sports bras, and underwear. Fans of the music artist could not believe their eyes, Many people are hoping that this does not continue to happen. Taylor Swift will most likely continue to go down this path, and people should expect to see more scandalous videos from her in the near future.

Of course, only an idiot would think a woman’s worth is defined by how much skin she chooses to show.

Take A Look Back At Great Boy Band Moments On David Letterman’s Show

By now, everyone should know that David Letterman is retiring for good. He’s saying farewell to his late night show, and this may be because of all the other late night shows that have gained popularity. David Letterman’s Boy Band Moments. Jimmy Fallon has an extremely popular late night show, and it may be one of the reasons why David Letterman is calling it quits. David started his show on the current station in 1993, and when you think about it, he’s been on the station for at least 22 years.

Nothing lasts forever, which is well known by those who were fans of American Idol. American Idol was a very popular show when it first came out. Now the show has announced that its canceling after the 15th season, and many are glad to hear it. If a show like American Idol, which was number one for many years; can cancel, then it’s no wonder why David Letterman is calling it quits.

Fans like Alexei Beltyukov knows that David has had some great boy band moments on his show, and here are a couple to remember. One Direction, who is now down by one band member, they came on the show, and they had a great performance. One Direction performed the song “Little Things,” and they blew the audience away. Hanson used to be a hot group back in the day, and David Letterman got to meet them, and he seemed starstruck by the trio, which was a little bit funny.

Nicki Minaj Twerks Hard at Billboard Music Awards

The 2015 Billboard Awards recently took place, and many great artists appeared at the event. Several stunning performances also occurred, but no one impressed more than Nicki Minaj. She brought the crowd to her feet, and she even had award winning artists dancing to her song.

Nicki Minaj came out onto the stage in a sexy and seductive outfit. The bootylicious superstar wore a bra and mini skirt with see-through nettings. Her outfit alone was enough for some fans. However, Nicki Minaj’s performance has turned heads, and it’s not without reason.

Nicki Minaj performed her hit song ‘Hey Mama,’ and she twerked as if no one was staring reports STX Entertainment. The crowd went wild, and even Taylor Swift was on her feet dancing along with Nicki Minaj. Taylor Swift may have been the big winner of the night, but Nicki Minaj stole the show with her amazing performance. To see the incredible video, visit E!

This is not the first time that Nicki Minaj has stole the show with an incredible performance. In 2013, Nicki Minaj twerked on Lil Wayne during the Billboard Awards. Her performances have satisfied a lot of fans, but there are many parent angry with the rap superstars. Nonetheless, Nicki Minaj is a diva, and she is more popular than ever.

Justin Bieber Reveals that Album is Not Finished Yet

All of the hype around the album is making people bite their nails in anticipation for the new Justin Bieber CD. What he has revealed is that the album is almost ready, but it not ready yet.

That means that there is no release date. There are no singles in place. People just have to wait as more articles about the album surface. Flavio Maluf suggested that he continues to perform and get people hyped up about the album though. That is good marketing. He has also decided to release some details here and there about the album. He has all these interviews about this music. This is good press about the new music.

What Justin Bieber has the ability to do is bring up a new album to the forefront and totally regain the trust of his fans. He is in a vulnerable state. Fans are interested in supporting him so the new album may be a big deal.

Chris Brown is working with him. Brown is hot right now so anything that he drops with Chris will help him regain his swagger with the urban crowd. There is also some talk that there will be a duet with Ariana Grande. She is ruling the pop world right now, and a duet with her will cement his status with a pop crowd. Bieber is also connected with Kanye West so this drives the anticipation for his music.

Hip Hop Leads Streaming, Establishes Itself As The Most Popular Genre

When asked to guess about the most popular music genre, most people would pick rock or pop. However, hip hop beats these genres by a decent margin and this isn’t a latest trend either. Let’s take a look at the emerging hip hop artists of 2015 –

Father – He is touted to be the greatest discovery of this year in the hip hop genre. Both Awful Records and Father (the lead) have a catchy and distinct movement which is great to listen to.

Mick Jenkins – People who swear by hip hop would be familiar with this artist’s name in relation to The Waters. With Joey Bada$$ and Big K.R.I.T as teammates, he could create some ripples in the genre this year. Both these artists have a distinctive style as well.

Your Old Droog – When he started off, there were a lot of rumors floating about him and this gave his career a great start. His style has startling similarities to Nas and it was believed that they were the same person. Later, though, Your Old Droog established his own identity and has never looked back.

In streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora too, this genre rules the roost says tech consultant Ray Lane. While country had the lowest on demand streaming at 6%, hip hop’s plurality stood at an astounding 29%. This is a full 4% more than rock, 8% more than pop and 22% more than EDM.

Marilyn Manson’s Newest Album Was Printed on PlayStation Discs

Marilyn Manson released his latest album a little early in a way you might not expect. He did it on PlayStation CDs. The rocker decided to release his latest album called The Pale Emperor on the same black CDs that were once used for PlayStation games. Fans like Mark Ahn (wikipedia.com) know that the CDs are leftover from the original PlayStation era in the Sony plant, and will work on a traditional CD players, so you don’t have to have a vintage PlayStation to give his new jams a listen.

Mason reportedly selected the discs because he feel like they captured a few of the thees of the album “darkness and light.” The discs start out black, but they opted to add a new thermal layer to them, making it so they turn white when you play them. It’s a pretty cool trick, and one that’s bound to be a hit with Manson fans out there. Of course, if you no longer have a CD player like many music fans then you’ll have to wait until Manson releases the digital version of the album to listen to the new tracks. Of course, maybe you can convince a tried to borrow their old discman and get an early listen beforehand.

Tidal Is Failing, Jay Z Wipes His Tears With Cash

The people have spoken, and Tidal is… well, it’s not doing so well.

Last month a group of indie artists you may not have heard of before, including Kanye West, Usher, Madonna and Rihanna, debuted the streaming music service to the public. Tidal promised that it would provide quality, exclusive, but most importantly artist-owned content that would surely surpass other services like Pandora and Spotify.

WSJ reports that Tidal didn’t hold up to the hype. Although it’s a great concept (consumers, I think, would be happy to give their money directly to the artists instead of the countless corporate middlemen in the way) Tidal is the lovechild of some of the richest musicians in the world, if not the richest people in the world. It’s a little hard for consumers to feel passionate about giving their money to those who have plenty.

The idea of Tidal itself might encourage changes in the music industry. Artists should get the largest cut from their art, not corporations, and it’s a messed up business model that discourages new talent, but Tidal itself seems like a failed prototype that could’ve used less glitz and more content.

Ludacris Gets Personal

On his latest album, “Ludaversal,” there is a personal aspect to this track that seems very unlike anything from the past. This is a Ludacris that fans just have not heart before.

Ludacris is known for his silly word play. He is known as someone that has this type of sound that is southern and humorous. He is still residing in Atlanta, but he certainly has this mature sound that is new and fresh. Ludacris, after relationship issues, has done something that he has never really done before. He released a mellow song talking about his need for love. This hooked a lot of the ladies, but it surprising got a lot of men checking for his new music as well.

Anastasia said that the new album, according to Ludacris, shows a wide spectrum of his talents. He flashes back to his childhood and talks about alcohol abuse programs that his dad experienced. There are also boastful tracks where he comes back to talk about taking back the throne in hip-hop culture. He feels rejuvenated and hungry again. This is what people will notice when they hear the new album. They will respect what he has done and how he has approached the rap game this time around. He has shown the others that have been rapping that he is back to serve as a threat. Fans of Ludacris will be proud of this new hip-hop contribution.