Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey’s Legal Battle

Encounter with Government

Jim Larking & Michael Lacey were both executives for The Village Voice Newspaper during the time they were arrested. The newspaper had published an article talking about a grand jury that was actually investigating them. The two were active in investigating Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s aggressive law enforcement tactics.

Sheriff Joe Arapaio has been increasingly notorious for his tactics since his inauguration in 1992. Arapio was getting zero coverage from the media regarding some of his decisions and Lark & Lacey saw this as a problem.

The duo decided to cover his decisions and received feedback for this action, including attention from Sheriff Arapaio himself. Larkin & Lacey were exposing Arapaio’s tactics & decisions to the public and were receiving a lot of attention. It was at this point when they were the taken into legal custody and put under arrest. The two spent 24 days in prison. After their time in prison, they filed a lawsuit against Arapaio for his actions.

Action Against Arapaio

Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey were improsened for 24 days for their actions of of speaking out against Arapiao and his department. After their time in prison, the deuo created a formal lawsuit against Arapaio for locking them up. This lawsuit set precedence and the lawsuit led onto a settlement between the parties. The amount of the lawsuit was substantial at around 3 million dollars.

The lawsuit discovered more malpractice and abuse of power by Arapaio. Arapaio was not looked at in good light as he did in decades past. He didn’t win the next election and was later charged and received a pardon from President Trump later years later.

Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey were instrumental in unfailing the misconduct and abuse of power that Arapiao was practicing, which ultimately led to his conviction. Arapaio’s legacy will now be riddled with lawsuits and settlements, mostly in part to Larkin & Lacey.

The pardon by President Donald Trump is also telling to the acts of Sheriff Joe Arapaio. Larkin & Lacey made right what was wrong for the rights of others who were facing the abuse of power by Sheriff Joe Arapaio and his department.

Jason Hope Helps To Fight Old Age Disease Through Research

Aging is a natural phenomenon that we have to live with all. This has so far been the reality of the matter. There is little that has happened to change this fact, but there is hope that we could soon have a solution to such things. Aging might not be the problem we think it is in the future. Human beings are likely to have a different approach when it comes to dealing with aging because we are headed to a time when a drug will be used to reduce all the effects of aging. Human beings will be able to counter all the adverse effects of aging. As we all know, aging normally comes with old age diseases. As we grow old, we tend to develop illnesses which were not part of us at a young age. You will see old people developing Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

Old age diseases can be combated according to Jason Hope, a futurist and a tech entrepreneur in Arizona. Jason Hope believes that there is hope of an anti-aging drug if the work of an organization known as SENS Research Foundation is anything to go by. This organization has in the past one decade been carrying out research work to try and come up with a drug that will slow down or stop the aging process in human beings. Jason Hope believes in this research because of the potential it has in solving not just this aging problem but the whole approach to the treatment of human diseases.

Read more on Engadget.com

An anti-aging dug is expected to be a drug that will reverse the damage done by the aging causing substance in the body. If the human body can rebuild tissues that have been damaged as a result of aging, then, this is going to be one of the key areas that will bring changes in the whole approach of treatment.

The research that is being carried out by SENS Research Foundation is aimed at coming up with a drug they call the AGE-Breaker. This is a drug that will stop adverse effects of aging. Jason hope has supported this organization by giving them $500,000 for research.

Check more about Jason Hope: http://bitsylink.com/2018/07/02/scottsdale-philanthropist-jason-hope-helps-pioneering-nonprofit-fight-aging/

The Achievements and Inspiring Life of Michael Lacey

Mathematicians are important people in the society because they utilize algorithms, mathematical theories, and other unique strategies to provide business, engineering, medical, economic, and scientific solutions.

Michael Lacey is one of the best mathematicians in the world today. Several awards have recognized his projects and research, including the Simons Foundation. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Born on September 26, 1959, Lacey’s programs and innovative methods have reshaped the field of mathematics. Currently, he is a renowned professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In 1987, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He was under the direction and supervision of Walter Philipp. He wrote an excellent thesis that was all about the probability of Banach spaces. Additionally, he played a significant role in solving various mathematical problems.

After receiving his Ph.D., Lacey joined the Louisiana State University and began his postdoctoral career as an Assistant Professor. Also, he worked as an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina. During this period, he proved the central limit theorem in collaboration with Walter Philipp. Lacey dedicated his time and energy to learn different mathematical techniques.

Lacey lectured at the Indiana University from 1989 to 1996. During this period, he received The Prix Salem Prize, which is among his most prominent accomplishments as a mathematician. During his career, Lacey has spent his time mentoring students and helping them achieve their goals in the field of mathematics.

Over the years, apart from receiving multiple awards from different bodies, Lacey has made a large number of publications.

As a full professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he continues to be an active mathematician who carries a lot of knowledge in the field of pure mathematics.

Being Authentic In Dating, Business And Life Like Whitney Wolfe

While many people have dreams of success, there is no shortage of people who try to sell their souls in order to achieve it. One of the things that people do in order to find a way to be successful is let society define success for them. The common definition of success to this day is working in an office for 8 hours every day and somehow making tons of money. The worst part is that people who work in offices do not always make the kind of money they want. However, they play the game and sell themselves out in order to make a money. At the same time, they don’t live authentically.

Whitney Wolfe is someone who does things a bit differently. She does everything she can to be authentic. She stands up for what she believes in and does not become intimidated by anything.

Read more: Whitney Wolfe Herd: How To Build A Workplace Where Women Can Thrive

One of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe is so authentic is that she is an entrepreneur. However, her idea of success is not just starting a business and making money. Her idea of success is helping women overcome all of the harassment that they have to deal with in the workplace and other areas in their lives. This is the main driving factor of Whitney Wolfe by creating Bumble.

Another place where people aren’t authentic is in dating. So many people try to work in a formula that they think is going to get them the date only to find out that they are walking away with no one. Even if they get the date, the person they are dating is going to find out that they have been tricked into believing that they were with someone other than the true person. Whitney Wolfe makes it a point to make sure that she is authentic and that she finds someone who will like her for who she is.

Source: https://www.refinery29.com/2018/04/195980/whitney-wolfe-herd-equal-pay-day

Cryptocurrency Expert And Wall Street Veteran Ian King Teaches Investment Strategies

Cryptocurrency is one of the most intriguing asset classes for investors. They have seen the value of bitcoin skyrocket and many of them want to invest. But many investors feel they don’t know enough about it or understand how cryptocurrency works, so they turn to cryptocurrency expert and veteran trader Ian King for help. An experienced investor who started trading dot.com stocks while at Lafayette College working on his psychology degree, King has been involved with cryptocurrency for more than a decade. His experience with both investing and cryptocurrency make him an excellent source of information investors can trust. Visit the website iankingguru.com to learn more.


The founder of cryptocurrency content company Intellicoins, Ian King is also an editor at Banyan Hill and writes articles for their publications Sovereign Investor Daily as well as Crypto Profit Trader. King’s work also appears in Fox Business News and Investopedia. But King’s goal wasn’t to become a writer. Fascinated by the analysis of business trends it took to become a successful investor, he had taken an internship with Merrill Lynch one summer during college. That training further ignited King’s interest in financial services and prepared him to succeed. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

The first job Ian King held in the financial services industry was with Salomon Brothers. He worked at the mortgage bond trading desk at the company where he was a clerk. King was then hired by Citigroup and worked for a number of years in the credit derivative origination department. He seemed to have a natural aptitude for the work and impressed his superiors. Ian King’s next job in the financial services industry was as head trader with the equity fund Peahi Capital which has its offices in New York City. After 10 years there making millions of dollars for his clients and himself, Ian King’s interest turned to an exciting new asset class, cryptocurrency.

King did research, spoke with techies in Silicon Valley and found out all he could about cryptocurrency. In 2013, he invested in bitcoin. Every $1,000 invested then is now worth $1.2 million. He invested in Ox, Ark, Factom Charts and other cryptocurrency related companies and saw them deliver returns of between 627% and 2,738%. Ian King has used a skill he learned working as a lifeguard in Jersey Shore growing up to make money. How to analyze a situation quickly, accurately predict the outcome and take decisive action immediately. And he teaches that skill to his readers.

Visit: https://medium.com/@iankingguru/here-come-the-cryptocorns-aba0fd868f44

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Why Matt Badiali Told His Subscriber’s To Invest In Zinc

Matt Badiali of Fernandina Beach, Florida, has spent the past 30 years studying natural resources. He earned both a bachelor’s and master’s in geology and was getting close to earning his Ph.D. before he decided to instead go into the financial sector. Because of his background as a scientist he is an expert when it comes to energy, mining, agricultural, and other natural resources. He says he has both worked on and even owned some oil wells in his time and has also explored mines to determine their potential for profits. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

He has traveled the world in order to get the real scoop on different investment opportunities. Some of the many areas of the world he has traveled to is the Yukon, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the deserts of Mexico. He says that his life experience has shown him that you can’t really determine how good an investment is unless you have the opportunity to see if with your own eyes. He says that he often has meetings with the chief executive officers of various mining companies, precious metal experts, and other natural resource investors.

Matt Badiali works for Banyan Hill Publishing and he has two advisory services through this firm, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. Both of these are natural resources investing publications designed to help regular investors navigate this sector of the economy profitably using his knowledge and strategies. Additionally, he writes one article a week for a free e-letter which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Follow Matt on twitter.com.

In January 2018, Matt Badiali wrote about an upcoming metal shortage he learned about at a party attended by CEOs, fund managers, and celebrities. He said the biggest shortage is going to be zinc. When he first learned this information was in November 2016 at an event in Ireland. At the time zinc was plentiful and companies were working through their stockpiles of this metal. However, he was convinced that zinc would start becoming in short supply sometime in 2017.

As it turns out the information Matt Badiali learned was right. Zinc recently hit a 10-year high and it shows no signs of slowing down. He says that he told his subscribers to invest in one of the biggest zinc miner’s in one of his financial publications which has paid off for everyone who took his advice. This company’s shares are up 80% and that is expected to grow even larger in the coming months.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey will go down the history lane as two men who fearlessly fought for Latino rights in the State of Arizona. For more than 10 years, these two fought who today can be referred to as the worst ever sheriff in American history, Joe Arpaio.

Their decade-long feud with Joe Arpaio dated way back in 1992 when they exposed his department’s outrageous injustices starting from the day Joe was elected as a Sheriff in Phoenix Arizona.

By then, the two used to work for Village Voice Media Group. Jim was the company’s CEO while Lacey was the executive editor. Together they did publications on human rights violation against the Latinos in Phoenix News Time.

In 2007 Phoenix News Time Learned of a conspiracy against them by Joe’s allies in the office the county attorney. They had issued a grand jury subpoena where they had requested information about the paper’s editors.

The jury also wanted the names of people who read New Times stories. When Jim and Michael learned about this, instead of on being cowed, they went ahead and published the story.

Upon release, the story spread like a bush fire in Arizona. This led to Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey October 18th, 2007 home invasion by Arpaio’s infamous Selective Enforcement Unit. The two were illegally detained in separate jails but their detention lasted less than a day. This was due to the backlash their detention brought in Phoenix.

A long protracted legal battle pitting them and Arpaio ended in 2012 with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal ruling in their favor. The court found the two to have been arrested without a probable cause. This resulted in Maricopa County paying the two a settlement to their lawsuit worth $3.75 million.

Last year, might go down as a year not to remember for Arpaio as it saw him lose his seventh reelection bid as well as being convicted of criminal contempt. His conviction was celebrated by many rights activists through their celebration didn’t last long as President Trump pardoned his old friend. Read more: Jim Larkin | Angel.co and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Though Arpaio didn’t pay for all the evils he committed against these two, many Latinos enjoy equal rights as American citizens. This is as a result of the fight these two fearless journalists put against discrimination.

Instead of using the money they got as a settlement for their own use, Jim and Michael decided to give back to the community and opened Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund.

The purpose of the organization is to support non-profit rights groups which fight and support the rights of Latinos and Hispanics. Today, the fund has helped many Latinos who have been discriminated by public officials in one way or another.

Michael and Jim’s love of information have led them to return to journalism. Together they have launched Front Page Confidential. This is a website that is covering threats to free speech and the First Amendment. For them, the price of true journalism came at a price which for them, they were willing to pay.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737 and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

Serving the Community with Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein does a lot of things, one of them being activism. He is a major contributor of the Jewish News Syndicate, a site that posts news about Israel. Recently, he posted an article expressing concern on anti-Semitism. Milstein believes that radical alliances are propelling anti-Semitism, bigotry and other prejudicial trends. Radical Muslims are spreading hate towards Jews and perceiving Israel as a White Supremacy. Read more at Huffington Post about Adam Milstein.

Groups with hatred towards western nations are forming alliances to advance their agendas. Since they have some things in common, these alliances are working together to achieve these objectives. Radical Muslims are determined to delegitimize Israel because it is historical home of the Jewish community. They are allying with however is willing to destroy the American culture of tolerance, freedom and democracy.

Adam Milstein is interested in Israel and America because both nations are his home. Adam was born in Haifa and spent his childhood there. Part of his life was in service for the IDF. Adam was even in Yom Kippur War. Later, Adam moved to USA with his wife. Adam went to University of Southern California to pursue higher education. Follow Adam Milstein on linkedin.com.

Adam and Gila have majorly participated in philanthropy. Gila established a foundation where Adam is a co-founder. The named it Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This organization mainly supports Jewish programs. The foundation helps Jewish people in both nations. It offers partnership development, consulting, raising funds and financing various programs. The objectives of this foundation were inspired by Adam’s love for his people. He would like to empower them and fight powers of retrogression with them.

Besides activism and philanthropy, Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. It is a real estate firm with management and development services. Adam is quite an active and industrious person. He is a business man and major supporter of his community and people.

Adam’s effort and generosity has changed the society positively. For example, the foundation has taken care of children, adolescents and adults. Some of the children are as young as two years old. Adam Milstein is still full of stamina to serve his people, family and business. He has big anticipations for the future.

Learn: https://www.milsteinff.org/who-we-are/


Joe Arpaio

The pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump was not a surprise to many, particularly when his staunch backing of the one-time longshot candidate comes into consideration.

Still, many familiar with the crimes of “Sheriff Joe,” have had trouble understanding the logic in allowing him to get off scot-free, and recently, longtime rivals, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, publicly reiterated their stance. Labeling President Trump’s decision as “the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals,” Michael Lacey proceeded to fire off a list of the former Sheriff of Maricopa County’s trespasses.

Joe Arpaio made national headlines when the conditions of his “tent city” jail became public knowledge, and it was also revealed that he even referred to it as his own personal “concentration camp.” Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

It was this type of injustice that led Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to consistently profile Joe Arpaio’s transgressions against human rights in the Phoenix New Times; a move that often left both sides in direct opposition with one another, eventually resulting in the unjust arrest of the newspapermen at their homes.

1972 marked the beginning of a new decade, as well as the year that would change the lives of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey forever. After dropping out of Arizona State University, the two teamed up, forming what would eventually become the Phoenix New Times, changing the world of print media forever. During this time, the country was experiencing a number of changes, with the Vietnam War being at the top of the list.

As campus protest began to swiftly mount across the country, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, disillusioned with the uber-conservative nature in which the issues were being covered, decided to create their own news outlet, catering to the more alternative viewpoints that were gaining more traction throughout the United States.

What began as a fledgling campus newspaper, soon developed into legitimate news outlet, and at the onset of the 1980’s, Larkin and Lacey had purchased a popular newspaper from the Denver, CO area, Westword. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

This would signify the beginning of the era of expansion for Larkin and Lacey, and New Times would go on to acquire 17 additional news publications, including LA Weekly, Miami New Times, and Village Voice.

By this time, New Times would have outlets that reached from coast to coast, making their like-minded papers available in every major U.S. market. Throughout the course of their careers, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey remained committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of the citizens of the United States, and because of this, their publications have maintained a high readership since being placed under the New Times umbrella. After running the company since the early 1970’s, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided to sell it to a group of company executives that had been with them for a number of years.

Today, the publications that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey brought to prominence, still maintain a subscription base that reaches in excess of 60 million people each month.