Tidal Is Failing, Jay Z Wipes His Tears With Cash

The people have spoken, and Tidal is… well, it’s not doing so well.

Last month a group of indie artists you may not have heard of before, including Kanye West, Usher, Madonna and Rihanna, debuted the streaming music service to the public. Tidal promised that it would provide quality, exclusive, but most importantly artist-owned content that would surely surpass other services like Pandora and Spotify.

WSJ reports that Tidal didn’t hold up to the hype. Although it’s a great concept (consumers, I think, would be happy to give their money directly to the artists instead of the countless corporate middlemen in the way) Tidal is the lovechild of some of the richest musicians in the world, if not the richest people in the world. It’s a little hard for consumers to feel passionate about giving their money to those who have plenty.

The idea of Tidal itself might encourage changes in the music industry. Artists should get the largest cut from their art, not corporations, and it’s a messed up business model that discourages new talent, but Tidal itself seems like a failed prototype that could’ve used less glitz and more content.

Ludacris Gets Personal

On his latest album, “Ludaversal,” there is a personal aspect to this track that seems very unlike anything from the past. This is a Ludacris that fans just have not heart before.

Ludacris is known for his silly word play. He is known as someone that has this type of sound that is southern and humorous. He is still residing in Atlanta, but he certainly has this mature sound that is new and fresh. Ludacris, after relationship issues, has done something that he has never really done before. He released a mellow song talking about his need for love. This hooked a lot of the ladies, but it surprising got a lot of men checking for his new music as well.

Anastasia said that the new album, according to Ludacris, shows a wide spectrum of his talents. He flashes back to his childhood and talks about alcohol abuse programs that his dad experienced. There are also boastful tracks where he comes back to talk about taking back the throne in hip-hop culture. He feels rejuvenated and hungry again. This is what people will notice when they hear the new album. They will respect what he has done and how he has approached the rap game this time around. He has shown the others that have been rapping that he is back to serve as a threat. Fans of Ludacris will be proud of this new hip-hop contribution.