The Do’s and Don’ts of Retirement Planning

You picture your retirement as a tranquil time where you can travel the world and visit your family. Nobody wants to work their whole life to enter retirement in a financial predicament. One of the biggest problems in our society is people live in the moment making no preparation for the future. Here is a list of do’s and a few dont’s when preparing for the golden years.


• Refinance Now Rather Than Later – Refinance while you have a job. It is easier to get a good rate while employed.

• Find a Social Outlet in Advance – With so much free time on your hands, you need to have something to occupy your mind. Finding a social outlet in advance is wise. It will ensure your golden years are a little brighter.

• Review Your Expected Budget and Cash Flow – So many people have no clue what it is going to cost them during retirement. The cost of living as you know it will drastically change. Consider all the extras and what expenses you can avoid. Create a realistic budget that is livable.


• Forget About Health Insurance – Whether you are receiving Medicare or have private insurance, you need to know all the costs. Prescription medications are an enormous part of most senior’s lives. Make sure that you have planned for supplemental plans and prescription costs.

• Forget About Life Insurance – As you age, it is increasingly difficult getting a life insurance policy reasonably. You need to make sure you and your family have the coverage you need. Obtaining a policy early on gives you the best rates and coverage.

• File for Social Security Too Early – Waiting until you are at least 65-year-old will give you a larger amount of benefits. Wait till your 70 and the number goes up again. If you file at 62, you could lose a few hundred dollars per month. Hold off on filing Social Security until you need to.

Retirement is an investment. However, there are many other types of investments that you can utilize to help you plan for retirement. Whether your 20 or 50 doesn’t matter, you must have investments to prepare for this time in life. Before beginning any venture, you must have the guidance of an investment banker. They can help you place your money in the right spots to get the greatest returns. James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. They help people from all walks of life with their retirement and other investment banking. As a founder of the company, Dondero ensures that they pay a great deal of attention to the high quality of their customer service.

With more than 30 years of experience and skills to manage assets worth $2.5 billion dollars, he is the one to call first. Retirement will be upon you before you know it, being unprepared is what people like Dondero can help avoid. He can ensure that your golden years are happy and bright. From stocks to bonds and investment acquisitions, he is the one to call first.

FreedomPop Offers Free Cell Phone Service For Phones And Tablets

Cell phones have become so popular over the recent years that even children in elementary schools are seen with cell phones. These children may not just have a simple flip phone, but they may have the latest smart phones that are on the market, and their parents feel that they can handle this kind of technology. Although it’s completely up to a parent to choose if their child should get a cell phone or not, it’s understandable why cell phones are necessary these days. A cell phone is valuable for anyone who has to contact others, especially if they don’t want to be stuck with a home phone that can’t go anywhere.

Cell phones can also help a person reach others when they are on the go, especially if they are going from one city to another or from one country to another. Cell phones always have their place in people’s lives, but not everyone can afford a cell phone or the services that are required to make it work. FreedomPop has a free cell phone service that can allow a person to have 200 free minutes each month, 500 MB of data, and also 500 text messages.

Those who are looking to keep this service free of charge should use their text messages as much as possible so they can conserve they are minutes. Although the data allotment is small, not everyone needs data on their phone, but if they want additional data, then FreedomPop has other choices. FreedomPop has an application that can be downloaded to a phone or tablet, and the application allows a person to sign onto one of the many FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots. The service is only $5 per month, so it can also be used with a FreedomPop cell phone plan, and the user can save additional money.

The best part about FreedomPop’s cell phone service is that it’s available for tablets that have cell phone service as well. There are many tablets out there today that can be used as a cell phone, and they have data connections too. FreedomPop allows their cell phone service to be used on a cell phone or a tablet, so it’s possible to get the free services on either device. The person should just purchase a device from FreedomPop, or they can get a device that works directly with FreedomPop’s cell phone and data services.

Building A Financial Relationship With Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America, with a population of approximately 195,210,000 this year. The average age of the population excluding children under 15 years of age is approximately 50% between the ages of 19 and 50 years old. Twenty-five percent of the population are between the ages of 55 and 75 years of age. The balance of the population is either under 15 years of age, or 75 to 100 years old. What this indicates is the majority of the population are in their productive earning years, and the fact that Brazil has a very low rate of unemployment is certainly an attractive feature, especially if you are planning to invest in the resources of that country.

Over the last couple of decades, Brazil has redesigned many of their laws and policies, bringing the unemployment rate to the low figure it holds today. It has increased the level of living eliminating much of the poverty with jobs to improve the lifestyle.

Igor Cornelsen, a name in the financial world of Brazil believes the investment potential for this country will only increase and popularity and the purchase of property in Brazil will more than provide a return for investors. Cornelsen realizes there are many untapped areas of growth for this country and the unrealized benefits of investing in Brazil has yet to be realized.

In looking at what commodities, this country exports is substantial and their resources appear to be unlimited. The largest export product is Iron Ore, next are gas and oil, followed by their agricultural products – coffee beans, sugar cane, and soybeans. Still being realized is their production of steel, also in large commodities. The minerals, gemstones, and other precious metals are in demand and the country is very rich in natural resources. Brazil has a huge rainforest that is literally untapped of its natural resources and benefits.

The important advice Igor Cornelsen has to offer anyone interested in investing in this very resourceful country is:

  • Learn the culture, and get to know the people of Brazil.
  • Study the financial intricacies of the financial structure and guidelines of foreign transactions in Brazil. Each country has financial guidelines and regulations that must be followed. Due diligence is key in any investment anywhere in the world.
  • Get to know the currency exchange rate for your country as it applies to Brazilian financial transactions.

Cornelsen have one final piece of advice – “There is no free money.”

How Sergio Cortes Won the Heart of Michael Jackson Fans

When a person decides to take on a mega task like imitating Michael Jackson they have to be prepared for some criticism. After all, Michael was a perfectionist. Anyone that failed to really study the man in his entirety would be doing his legacy an injustice. Sergio Cortes knows this, and that is why he has put so much time into perfecting his impersonation of Michael Jackson. One can look at Sergio and tell that this is more than a job. He feels the spirit of Jackson within him. He idolized the man and has went to the school of Michael Jackson by viewing a series of performances.

Jackson was able to keep the crowd on their feet when he look the stage. Anyone that impersonates him knows that he has to move and get the crowd into it. That is what Sergio does. He is a ball of energy that could even be mistaken for Michael Jackson. That is another thing that has won the fans over. He has this ability to move beyond the basic impression and totally take on the look and style of Jackson.

There are Michael Jackson impersonators that have made this their business. It is a great thing that works well for birthdays, Halloween and other party themes. Jackson is an entertainer that become a household name. He made enough songs to have something that just about everyone liked. This makes it easier for people to impersonate him and actually earn a living. His popularity was beyond belief.

With Sergio Cortes there is a level of fan fare that is linked to him because he looks so much like Jackson. Even his interviews are laced with a low-key tone that also appears to be a Michael Jackson trademark. That may be the thing that separates Sergio Cortes from a lot of the others that have impersonated Michael Jackson. Most impersonators – who may not look like Jackson – will have other jobs with the impersonation of Jackson as a side gig. Sergio Cortes doesn’t have to do this as a part time job though. This is his full time occupation because he has studied and prepared himself. Sergio Cortes is a carbon copy of Jackson, and this may be the things that wins the heart of fans the most. There are many people that scream and chant for him just like they would if Michael Jackson was still on the stage. That is the type of feeling that he gives fans.

It certainly helps that he dresses the part. There are a lot of unique costumes that Jackson took on for live performances, and Sergio Cortes doesn’t perform unless he looks the part of MJ.

Def Leppard Guitar Player to Miss Some Shows

Sadly, Def Leppard guitar player Vivian Campbell is fighting cancer and will have to miss some shows. The musician announced recently that he will not be playing on some of the dates on Def Leppard’s upcoming tour and will be getting chemotherapy treatments during this time. He will be replaced temporarily by a guitar player from the band Trixter. Campbell was born in 1962, so he is not that old. There is definitely a good chance that he will make a complete recovery.

Andy Wirth tells us that Campbell became famous in the hard rock world when he was the guitar player for Ronnie James Dio in the 1980’s. He later left Dio’s band and said that he his heart was never in it to begin with. This is odd, in my opinion, since I think that some of his best work was with Dio. He played on Dio’s classic records “Holy Diver” and “The Last in Line”. These were landmark recordings that established Ronnie James Dio as a major solo presence. Some of the guitar riffs that Campbell played on these two recordings are classics.

Campbell has been a strong presence in Def Leppard since joining in 1992. He’s a guitar player who can fit in to a musical context very quickly. Personally, I think that he’s given the band a shot in the arm over the years. I’m hoping that he makes a quick recovery from cancer.

Prince and Stevie Wonder’s Show

Prince and Stevie Wonder’s High Profile White House Show

It’s no secret that several times in history, famous musical artists have been asked to perform at the White House for presidents and political officials. Music lovers like Daniel Amen know that James Taylor is only one artist who has done so in the past.

Recently, in the White House’s East Room, a performance was done by Prince in front of 500 friends and supporters of president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The difference is that this time there was a lot of discretion surrounding it, since it was considered a “private party for friends and family,” according to one White House official, yet was one of the year’s most talked about pop shows.

Alongside Prince during this private event was Stevie Wonder, who made a cameo appearance while Prince played a list of songs during his two hour performance, notable among them was “Raspberry Beret.” But the reason for why the event took place is not yet fully known. What is known is that Prince was supposed to play a concert in D.C. that week anyway, though one guest said Obama was a big Prince fan so having him play there made some sense.

The White House, however, did not release a guest list of who was in attendance and some entertainers even had to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevented them from publicly speaking about the event.

Tom Morello Launches New Record Label for Rebels

Tom Morello is launching his brand new record label, Firebrand Records.

The former Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist intends for his label to cater to the “rebel bands”.

“The label gives you one-stop shopping for all your rebel-music needs,” Morello told Rolling Stone in an interview. “It’s the kind of label that I wish had existed my entire artistic life.

Firebrand Records will be home to politically minded musicians focused on the social injustices of the world. There are seven musical artists listed on the opening roster for the new label.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, the most famous name attached is Ramy Essam, the Egyptian performer who was tortured and exiled for his participation in Egypt’s revolution. The label has also signed on Son of Nun, a Baltimore based hip hop artist who operated a medical tent during the recent riots in that city; San Francisco’s Built for the Sea; and The Last Internationale out of New York.

“Every movement for social change needs a great soundtrack,” Morello said. This sounds like an effort to integrate Morello and his fellow radicals’ political ideals into mainstream music.

Firebrand Records will either bring upon a social change, or just bring great music into the world that we would not have been exposed to otherwise.

Morello is no stranger to trading his image of rebellion in for fun and profit; his estimated worth is currently around $30 million.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Legs

Mariah Carey is a world famous singer and entertainer, but everyone already knew that. However, Mariah Carey is now 45-years-old, but she still somehow has the body of a much younger woman. Mariah Carey was recently vacationing in Paris, and she plans on touring Europe. While in Paris, Mariah Carey stole the spotlight from the rest of the world, and Jim Dondero said she did it by wearing an extremely revealing black dress.

As Mariah Carey was leaving her Paris hotel, photographers took many pictures of her, and men seem to be very excited about them. However, some people feel that Mariah Carey showed off far too much leg in her black dress, but men feel that her outfit was perfect. Fans of the celebrity can’t stop raving about her dress, and Mariah is loving the attention.

Mariah Carey is not only a cougar, but she is also a good mother. Aside from causing some hearts to race, Mariah Carey also took her children to Disneyworld earlier in the week. Fans are happy to see that Mariah Carey is doing well after her very public divorce from Nick Cannon. I feel that Mariah Carey is happier than ever, and she was recently treated to a very special ceremony at a Chippendale’s strip club. Mariah Carey is the queen of R&B, and Tyson Bedford gave her the Queen’s treatment on that night. E! published an article that features several photos Mariah looking hot.

The Outstanding Growth of the Antique Wine Company

Antique Wine Company is a London-based company that became a global leader in the wines and spirits industry. A wide range of clients from all over the world have become customers for the company that has become the leader in rare wines.


Stephen Williams has been the CEO that has spearheaded the major successes of this organization. The Antique Wine Company received a huge amount of publicity for getting placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most expensive bottle of white wine. This bottle, a 1787 bottle of Sauternes, would sell for more than $100,000. This was a step in the right direction in terms of promoting the Antique Wine Company. It became the business that stood out with the wealthy. Investors wanted a piece of this action. Wine lovers wants to taste the inventory. All of these factors would come into place and make it easier for the Antique Wine Company to thrive.


This business has remained relatively small, but it has spread to countries around the world. The AWC actually has more clients in different countries (70) than there are employees (50) to service them. It all works out well though because many of the clients do not require any type of direct daily communication. Many clients have their wines stored with the Antique Wine Company. Some clients call on this company to help with wine cellar designs. This company has been able to outsource a lot of activities so the Antique Wine Company can address issues with clients all over the globe without a large group of employees. This is a testament of the efficiency for this group of employees that are primarily based in at the London headquarters office.
Customers that have patronized the Antique Wine Company are buying award winning wines. The rare collection of wines makes this one of the most refined wine companies in existence. This company is able to sell, buy and distribute wine. That is what a lot of the adversaries of the Antique Wine Company lack. Most companies that sell wine are solely wine sellers. There are few organizations that have consultants in place to work with clients that want to sell wines. That gives the AWC the ability to work with rare wines and spirits as well as new wine releases. This wide spectrum equates to a diverse customer base.

Jason Derulo Lets Fans Hear Album Early

When fans visit the website they get a chance to hear the Jason Derulo album early. This is one of the albums that getting a lot of buzz already, so people are interested in streaming this to see what it will sound like.

Derulo has been on a hot streak lately. After breaking up with Jordin Sparks he has proven that he could do what no one thought that he could do. He has become a star with a hot single. In the past he was someone that just didn’t have a huge success. He has a pop audience, but a black man with a pop audience is sort of limited. He tried his hand in R&B, but this proved to be wrong for his as well. Now he is back into the pop scene and he seems to be enjoying success again.

Fans like Brian Torchin agree that what makes him big in the pop scene is dancing. He is like a clean cut version of Chris Brown. He dances and sings, but the doesn’t have the same rowdy behavior that Chris Brown has been known for. Right now his fans are streaming his album and listening to all that he is bringing forth. This is a great time for him because he is back on top. Some people didn’t like to see him break from Sparks, but lots of females are happy that Derulo is single again.